I will be listing about another 50 lots for clearance from my own collection for sale as from Saturday, 06th March.

This will feature a ton of Britains spare parts, as well as some more unusual figures, etc.

Commences 01st. March 2021.

This page has been set up to clear items from my own collection in order to finance a new engine and gearbox for my Classic Car.

It’s not going to be cheap to do, so I have to clear as much as possible.

I have to be pretty rigid over payment methods – no card payments as these can only go into my Business Account, which means that I would be liable to pay tax on it, so payment by the following methods only PLEASE:

UK Buyers: Cheque, Postal Order, Bank Transfer (preferred and it’s dead easy to do!) .

Overseas customers ONLY: Paypal.

The second batch



85) Britains/Timpo tree parts. £10.00

86) Britains single-hole saddle blanket,  4 lots of 13 items colour vary each lot. £10.00 each lot

87) Britains swoppet saddle blankets, 4 lots of 12 items colour vary each lot. £10.00 each lot

88) Britains Western saddles. £16.00

89) Britains Deetail saddles, 3 lots of 12, each £10.00

90) DSG/Britains saddle cloths. £10.00


93) Swoppet parts £10.00


96) Cherilea 60mm Indian canoe, not missing paddle from rear figure. £15.00


100) Marx Ben Hur characters: Emperor, Empress giving thumbs down (!) chariot driver. £10.00


101) Extremely rare Lone Star children: 2 x girl with dog, boy with lasoo, indian child, girl with doll. £50.00


102) mixed lot of figures, £3.00


103) Charbens Lord Mountbatten  £3.00


104) Britains AWI Officer. £2.00


105)  DSG/Britains saddles. £4.50


106) Britains heads, £20.00

107) Herald Indian spears, £1.00


108) Britains flags, etc. £25.00


109) Dulcop sword for Zorro & The Mexicans – maybe fit Expeditionary Force figures? 4 lots of 15, each lot £10.00


110) unknown to me – someone out there will know what these are. £1.00 the lot


112) Britains saddle cloths, 7 for £10.00

113) Britains blue saddle cloths, 3 lots of 7, £0.00 per lot.

114) Britains parts soldiers and civilian. approx 90 items, £40.00


115) Britains arms, etc. 67 items various condition. £60.00

ACW, US cavalry, Western, Mexican, Guards, WWII, civilian.

116) Britains items (ignore elephant parts)

show-jumping horses, each £3.00 chopper crews £6.00 the pair, other loose figures, £3.00 each.

Tree, 1.00


117) Britains Swoppet knight parts approx 100 items, £100.00. well cheap!


118) Britains knights parts, £10.00

119)  Britains elephant parts – not missing locating lug (no pun intended!) £3.00

123) Timpo Battlefield empty box.  battered hence just £5.00

124) Extremely collectable Timpo WWII Train. £99.00


125) Airfix Strongpoint on Vac-moulded base £30.00


127) Airfix Bedford Trucks. This was our 1st prototype attempt at the QL cab, which I had planned to produce in resin.

It’s the only one in the world. no wheels on that truck. Comes with rare Lone Star mortar. £99.00 the lot.


129) Replicants mtd Austrian& Cossack arms 10 in total, £5.00


130) 54mm model kit parts (Airfix, etc) £3.00

131) Plastic Platoon £20.00

132) Cherilea 54mm indian with separate headress. £5.00


134) Timpo cowboy parts £1.00


First selection.


  1. Italeri 1/72 set with artillery positions, Gabions, figures, Mortar, Cannon and Gatling gun. £15.00




2)  2 complete Trench sets, measures 54 inches end to end. Can be used as 4 different items:

2 Trench sections with end caps and 2 Artillery sections with end caps or 2 opposing Trenches with artillery.

All sections are movable to suit your own taste.

(Current AIP price for 2 sets is approx £232.00 plus shipping, plus import duties and VAT.)



3)  Built 1/32 Crusader model tank, superb item comes with decals/transfers. £25.00

Renwal (see PW issue 181) – also issued by Frog and others.

These are some of the best and most imagintive model kits I have ever come across in all my years of collecting.

Not a Panzer, Panther, Sherman or Tiger Tank in sight!!

They are a very nice 1/32 scale but also big enough to go with the 56mm figures such as TSSD, Conte & Austin.

Priced individually or £300.00 for the lot.

4)                     This one came to me ready built and minus the Lacrosse Missile.   £25.00

Shown here with 2 TSSD figures as a size guide only, they are not included – the driver and 4 figures are included.

5)                       Renwal Twin Forty plain box version.   £35.00

6)  Renwal Twin Forty, picture box version  £35.00

7)           General Patton Tank.  £35.00

8)               Hawk Missile set   £25.00

9)           The monster Teracruzer & Mace Missile.   £45.00

10)                Military Wrecker.   £35.00

11)                M-50 Ontos.  £30.00

12)             US Howitzer  £35.00

13)          M-41 Walker Bulldog Tank  £35.00

14)     Another Monster – the Atomic Cannon (note the twin tractors! This is a BEAST!)

note also slight tear to side of box, but it’s still sealed.  £65.00

15)  Timpo Prairie Rocket Train set – this is the one that the Yugoslav-made ones were based on – they did not have the Crossover track that this one has.

Box has some damage but is otherwise good.  £70.00

16)       Original Lone Star buildings made from a  thick polythylene plastic similar to the large Timpo forts.

These simply push together, but I was loathe to do this just for the photos.

A little scrub with an old toothbrush and soapy water, these will come up very well.

Goes brittle over the years, hence the separation of the parts shown. Probably one of the first items I ever bought at an early PW Show.  £25.00

17)             Early ’60’s version of the Lone Star buildings.

These are in the more rigid plastic and came coloured as shown from the factory.

Both are complete, boxes beginning to show age-wear.  £50.00


18)        Britains

Animal shed and garden shed (missing door).  £15.00

20)   Marx Mortars, figures and Britains mini-figure.  £10.00

21)   Marx Homestead accessories (includes 4 – not 3 Oxen yokes), Britains fire.  £10.00

22)    Marx Ben Hur Colliseum top, slightly warped.  £1.00

23)   2 copies of Tudor Rose/Popular plastic chariot, 1 is still bagged.  £20.00


25)  Starlux Chariot  £25.00

26)  Popular Plastics Roman chariot with driver and 4 mounted figures.  £80.00

27)  Kwong Wah (see P/W issue 181) copies of Britains Limber – useful for the centre poles which should be easily adapted to the Britains Limber, Stage Coach or Wagons.  £5.00 the lot

28)  Timpo

Roman Chariot horse team. Front harness is complete and intact.  £12.00

29)    Pairs of horses on bases.  £4.00 a pair

30)   pairs of horses, no bases.  £3.00 a pair

32)   V-shaped Harness, 4 for £1.50

33)    Knights Tents rings and single pennant. £5.00

34)   Medicine Wagon.  £20.00

35)   This one is a complete repair job, that I have done, as it shattered when I dropped it, nice and cheap come with horse and harness, not centre pole or drivers box (unless I come across these).  £10.00


(don’t expect perfection as these are all from my own collection and were only ever intended for my use)

36-41). Each £30.00

Chuck wagons and Buckboard. Note none have the full length table leg, these have all broken of at the normal point!

The red seat is an obvious replacement, as is the cream seat on the open buckboard.









42) 1st series wagon, black body.  £30.00

43) 1st series wagon, black body.  £30.00 

44) 1st series wagon, brown body.  £30.00

45)  1st series wagon, brown body.  £30.00

46)   2nd series wagon.  £30.00

47)  2nd   series wagon  £30.00

48)   Marx Captain Gallant 60/65mm Accessories plus extras.  £25.00

51)   rare Conte prototypes plus Conte Alamo figure.  £15.00

52) Crescent 54mm Santa, sled and Reindeer.  £25.00

53) Barzso and Marx ACW lot.  £60.00


55) Timpo Seige Towers.  £25.00


56) Cabin no 1. All greenery is now present.  £60.00


57) Cabin no 2. no garden.  £45.00

(the following buildings I can e-mail photo copies of the 2 cardboard floors using the best I have, which can then be printed and pasted onto fresh card to replace the originals supplied with these)

58) Saloon with minor damage to top of facade. Back swings down for access to the inside.

Some damage to balustrade railing. £40.00




59) Saloon, no balustrade railing. £55.00

60)  Sheriff’s Office complete with jail cell inside, no hitching rails. £55.00


61) Riding School no 1. 3rd set of doors – hinges gone but bolt intact. 3 of 4 stalls are present. £45.00

Rear of roof is hinged for access.



62) Dutch Barn, #1 . 1 upper, 1 lower door missing.  £40.00

63)  5 Western women kneeling firing pistol.  £10.00


66) Bank. missing the chimney and the porch roof over the door. comes with the figures.  £35.00

68) Corral, with 2 figures.  £25.00


70) Crescent mounted Knights. 5 for £25.00

the horses will probably fit Britains or Timpo bases.

74) Britains riding school version 2. has all feeders and saddles on tack room wall. £50.00



75) Britains Dutch Barn, #2.  £50.00


76)  Britains British Scout cars.  £75.00 for the lot

77) Tamiya (?) British ‘Quad’ Tractor. Probably suitable to pull the Airfix 1/32 25Pdr. Cannon.  £15.00


76) WWII Japanese lot: Airfix, Airfix Multipose, Tamiya, Almark, ICM, etc

60 figures, 11 Palm trees, comes with spares and transfers/decals. £75.00

77) Paramount indian weapons: Bow, Winchester, Quiver, 3 arrows, tomahawk. £3.00 a pack

78). Paramount indian weapons, when the mould starts to warp, you get flashing….. £1.00

Trim the flashing yourself and save!

79). more of the same….. £1.00

80). job lot of the above.  £6.00 the lot

82) Italeri Gauls.  £10.00

83) O.W.N. Chino-Japan wars, Japanese.  £20.00

84) O.W.N. Chino-Japan wars, Japanese. lot 2.  £20.00