We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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all sets are one price.

£10.00 each or any 3 for £25.00

We are winding down our stocks of ARMIES-IN-PLASTIC for the time being, so get them while you can!



This is our remaining stock:

5414 Rough Riders x 1

5570 Zulu British in shirt sleeves x 1

5685 1812/Napoleonic 5lb Cannon & Mortar x 1.(British Line).

5686 1812/Napoleonic 8lb Cannon & Mortar x 3. (British Line).

5462 Afghans x 2

5500 ACW Union 30lb Cannon x 3.

5501 ACW Confederate 24lb Cannon x 1.

5633 Egyptian Camel Corps x 1. (Screw Gun Set).

5676 Combo pack Boxer rebellion Russians and Chinese x 2.

Please note actual colour is listed, and may differ from photo.

Egyptian Camel Corps

5633 set 3- 2 camels, 2 troopers, 2 pack camels. Tan

5625 set 4- 2 camels, 2 men, 2 camels with screw gun. White

British Naval Brigade Camel Corps

5685. Napoleonic /War of 1812 6lb cannon & land mortar, 5 man crew. Blue.

5686. Napoleonic/War of 1812 8lb cannon, 5 man crew. Blue.

5414. Rough Riders. Tan.

5492. Napoleonic Russian Tiralleurs. White.

5570. British in shirt sleeve order. Green.

5462. Afghans. Tan or Red.

5509. Boxer /Rebellion US. Brown.

Combo set: 8 Navy in Blue, 10 dervish in White.

Combo set: 10 Russian Boxer Army Red, 8 chinese boxers Green.

American Civil War

5500. Union 30lb Cannon 5 crew. Blue.

5501. Confederate 24lb Cannon 5 man crew. Grey.

5502. Confederate 30lb Cannon 5 man crew. Grey.