Death Productions

ONLY available from Steve Weston’s Toy Soldiers.

A  Company making figures in the vein of

‘Casualties of War’ .

We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

We accept payment with Visa and Mastercard Cards.

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01268 680117

07843 536700

Extremely well-detailed 1/32 – 54mm resin-made figures depicting casualties.

 November 2022

2 different Casualty figures per set, £3.50

Napoleonic Period

Just on set of each pair available

British 95th Rifles

Scottish Highlanders

British Line Infantry

French Grenadiers

French Line

Prussian Landwher

Prussian Line


American Revolutionary War

Woodlands Indians

Light Infantry

Line Infantry

British Grenadiers

Americans in Hunting Shirts


British, early War

Highland Infantry

British, Late War

Germans, Late War

American Civil War