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but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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Please note: More and more sets of Italeri figures seem to be going

‘out of production’ which means that availability is scarce.

We get what we can from where we can in the World, but this will alter the price.

April 2019

 We are now down to having about 5 different sets available at the wholesalers, 3 of these are the ones that no-one wants, so my advice is to buy these from wherever you can, before they disappear for good!

a limited production run of



French General Staff, £14.00 (original Italeri sell for £25.00 or more)

these are from the original molds held in Italy, using original plastic in original colour.

Waterloo 1815 have secured permission for a small production run.

Roman Chariot, out of production

 French General staff, out of production.

French Hussars, out of production.

Scots Greys, out of production.

French Dragoons, £25.00

Allied General, staff, out of production.

French Infantry, 16 figures out of production.

French Artillery, 2 cannon & 2 crew sets. out of production.


French Howitzer – out of production

French Artillery Train, one only available, £35.00

Austrians set 1, 16 figures out of production

Austrian Infantry, set 2, 16 figures  out of production

French Supply Wagon, out of production

Mamelukes, 8 mounted figures out of production

British Light Cavalry, 8 mounted figures out of production

Templar Knights out of production

 Crusader Knights, 8 mounted. out of production.

British Knights, 8 standing 4 mounted.  out of production

French Knights,  8 standing, 4 mounted out of production

Teutonic Knights, 8 mounted, out of production

Saracens Knights, 8 mounted.  not available

American Civil War Confederate Cavalry, 8 mounted.  out of production

American Civil War Union Infantry, 16 figures.  out of production


Mongol Golden Hordes, 8 mounted out of production

Ancient Gauls, 16 figures – out of production

Romans –  out of production

Gladiators, 16 figures out of production

Battlefield Accessories  out of production

WWII German Elite Troops, 16 figures. out of stock.

WWII Russian Troops, 16 figures £10.00

German Pak 40 & 6 man crew out of production

Russian Zis 3 & 6 man crew £18.50