Paragon Scenics

We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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TEL: 01268 680117

Mobile/Cell: 07843 536700


Basically, Paragon Scenics make 5 groups of figures,

these perfectly match the size of TSSD, Conte, Austin, Cunnyngham and our own Weston Toy Co brands:

US. Cavalry, Apache Indians, American Civil War & Alamo Mexicans & Defenders.

We are discontinuing stocking this range, so get them while we still have some!

Paragon Scenics

Apaches, set #1. Last Set! £25.00

Alamo Defenders, set #1. last 2 sets. Each £25.00

Alamo Defenders, set #2.  last 8 sets. Each £25.00

American Civil War set #1 1 each in Blue or grey, each set £22.00

See photos below.

 Alamo range

Alamo Mexican Regulars, Set 2 £25.00

alamo mex 2 alamo mex 2

Alamo Defenders set #2 £25.00 12 figures

comes with a selection of changeable heads. could also be used as cowboys/early pioneers.

Alamo Defenders Set #1 – £25.00. 16 figures.


16 Figures per bag

Optional Heads and Arms, 4 different poses with the potential

of making 8 different posses. Two colors per bag – grey and beige


American Civil War range

American Civil War

£25.00 12 figures in blue or grey.

Interchangeable heads, comes with both kepi and campaign hats.

 paragon acw1


U.S. Cavalry range

 Cavalry Horse Holder set,  Horses not included. £25.00

paragon hh