The ONLY company in the World which individually hand-injects

plastic figures one at a time, in traditional plastic material.

Sole Worldwide Distributor for these figures

We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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All figures supplied unpainted



Loose figure clearance

Top Row: All £2.00 each

Swinging axe x 17, sword behind head x 4, sword & round shield x 1, torch x 3, walking with axe x 2, crawling x 2, mounted figure (no horse) x 1.

Row 2: all £2.00 each except wounded duo £4.00, Cantiniere £1.00

Horse Holder, Kneeling firing (plenty of both), running x 5, wounded duo x 2, Wounded x 13, standing firing x 1,

Conderate standing firing x 3, Cantiniere x 13, Mule skinner x 1.

Row 3: all £1.00 each.

Stretcher bearer – rifle is molded short x 30, with arm out x 1, with bag x 9 . Zouaves: Officer x 18, running x 1, marching x 1, rifle at waist x 2, loading x 20.

Row 4: all £2.00 each.

King James man with lantern x 9, Customs man laying x 10, running x 10, Royal Marines: wounded x plenty, running x 5, rifle at waist x 1, Kneeling x 3, standing x 2.

Row 5: all £2.00 each.

Pirate/Smuggler/Alamo defenders: carrying keg, foot on keg, holding lantern, plenty of each.

Nelson’s (Napoleonic) Navy

Set 2   4 figures £8.00.  




Weapons set #2

 2 x ACW muskets (fits swoppet ACW cavalry leg), swoppet Khaki infantry FN rifle and Deetail m/c riders rifle. £3.00



Mounted Comanches, each pair £9.00

set #1 contains the figures with bow and with rifle hanging over the side of their horses.


set #2 contains the figure with spear and the squaw with papoose.


  The Comanches, set #3 out of stock


The Comanches set #4 the pair £9.00

1 firing bow, 1 loading rifle.



The Revinue Men (Customs and Excise Officials)

Brought about to combat the smugglers who were evading paying taxes to The Crown.

(and we’ve been trying to evade them ever since!)

4 different standing British Revinue Men,

£8.00 a set, red or blue

rrmr rrmb

with imagination, could be used for Rev. War and 7 Years War, or Culloden.

Smugglers set #1

4 figures, £8.00


Smugglers, set #2 £8.00


The Highwayman (Dick Turpin) £2.00


Monk & Nun,

£4.00 a pair.


Battle of Hastings Saxons and Normans, 4 figures. out of stock


The Saxons “shield wall”.

4 figures with bases that fit together so you can make a ‘shield wall’.   

4 figures, out of stock


Duke of Cumberland in blue as either US or French Officer £4.50



SALE on ex-Marksmen range

6 Marching Zouaves, £9.00 now £6.00


6 Running Zouaves, £9.00 now £6.00



Robin Hood series

Robin Hood set 1.   £8.00

4 character figures:

Robin, Marion, Little John, Friar Tuck.


4 bowmen in green, out of stock

(originally in Sherrif’s men, set 1)


Robin Hood, set #3

Mounted Sheriff of Nottingham & Guy of Gisbourne. £9.00



Robin Hood, set #4

Richard the Lionheart, Much Miller, Will Scarlet. £6.00



 4 Archers useful for many periods and also as Robin Hood figures. out of stock



Mounted Normans set #  £10.00


The Knights, 4 figures £8.00. 


 2 mounted Knights, £9.00


4 figures, £8.00



Culloden Scots.

4 figures, £8.00


British at Culloden 4 figures in red. £8.00



Mounted Bonnie Prince Charlie, £4.50


Mounted Duke of Cumberland, £4.50 (Blue only)


American Civil War


From Harper’s Ferry:

Robert E. Lee & John Brown  £4.00

(could also be  Boers or  Alamo defenders or used as Wild West)

Set #2 Raiders contains 2 more new raiders and 3 more existing figures. £10.00




Mounted Union Sergeant holding Binoculars    £4.50

rep nco

Plastic Warrior’s 20th. Anniversary figure – The American Civil War  Correspondent.



Confederate Raiders 6 figures   £12.00 a set.

rep raid 

   Early American History

 The Town Crier. The 25th Anniversary Plastic Warrior figure. £2.00


Early West / Wild West

The Apaches, £10.00


Western Townsfolk

one each of man walking with shotgun on shoulder, woman holding baby, plus

 “Abe Lincoln” or an Undertaker and woman in Bonnet,

all 4 figures, £8.00


The  Bank Robbers and The Gunfighters.



Saloon set figure packs

(Weston Toy Co.)

Fully painted resin (not plastic) Piano

as supplied by us for the Replicants Saloon figure set.

£3.00 each.


 Set 1: 4 different Gamblers  £8.00 (4 figures only)


set 2: 4 different drinkers &

Character figure of Buffalo Bill. £10.00

*New figure to replace seated drunk*

(Bar not included)

Set 3: 4 different musicians &

 Weston Toy Co. resin piano. £11.00

(chairs not included)


Set 4: 2 different bar tenders, 2 different Saloon Girls


(chair & door frame not included)



English Civil War

The Pikemen

Olover Cromwell, Roundhead Officer, Wounded Roundhead, 3 different Pikemen. £12.00


The Character figures from “The Royal Oak” Playset.

King Charles II hiding in the tree,  King Charles I, The Priest, The Executioner.

 Charles II hid in an oak tree at Boscobel Manor while parliamentarian soldiers

searched for him below. £11.00




4 kilted figures, £8.00

ecw scots

The Tavern Keeper and Serving Wench, £4.00



Mounted English Civil War Roundhead  out of stock 


 mounted English Civil War Roundhead. £4.50 each 


Trumpeter, £4.50


Dismounted figure with horse and stone wall. £7.00rw

Set of 6 dismounted Roundhead figures, £12.00 


 English Civil War Musketeers 

  8 figure sets, £12.00

wounded figure has now been removed from this set.



Replacement weapons – 

1 x Timpo roman spear, 1 x  Timpo Knights/Crusader Sword

2 x Deetail style sabres to fit Foreign Legion, Napoleonics and U.S. Cavalry

£2.50 a set.

Swoppet indian knife. .75p each

Swoppet Knights dagger, .75p each