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We are discontinuing stocking this range, so get them while we still have some!

Alamo Range

 Set #25. Alamo Defenders and Mexicans in hand to hand combat.

 16 figures, some with a choice of hands and weapons.


tssd 25


Romans and Barbarians.

set #22.  Romans & Barbarians (mixed) set 2, £21.00

set #20. Romans,  £21.00

Wild West Range

set #23. The Clantons and McLaurys

8 figures, £15.00.

set #18. Plains Indian Casualties.  12 figures, £18.50TSSD Ind Cas

set #16. Mounted Plains Indians . 6 figures and 6 horses. £23.00

U.S.Cavalry and American Civil War Range

set #17. U.S. cavalry with casualties. 12 figures in 6 poses. £18.50

(horses not included)

tssd casualties

Paragon Scenics, compatable with TSSD, Conte and Cunnyngham

Civil War Infantry, 12 figures, again with extra heads. £25.00

Cunnyngham’s Collectables Confederates, exact match to TSSD.

12 figures, £15.00


WWII Range

Russian WWII, £18.50