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Most of you will have seen that the Pound is actually worthless against both the Euro and the Dollar.

This means that we are having to pay more for our imported sets (which make up about 95% of  Toy Soldiers now produced!!) so inevitably prices are going to have to rise.

With the price rise, means that as the value of the goods is more, and therefore, the Import Taxes are more.

Nothing we can do about that I’m afraid, that is beyond our means, so our prices will HAVE to rise along with these extra costs.

First to be hit will be the pending Expeditionary Force (Ex-Fo) and Basevich shipments, then it will be anything else from Russia along with re-stocks of the LOD/Barszo ranges as we place our orders.

From Russia, maker is unknown on silver figures

The Greeks, just 4 sets only, each £20.00

Mounted Knight with Crossbow, out of stock

5 Different mounted Samurai, out of stock

English Knights. to clear, £10.00

English Knights including mounted Figures. £20.00

(picture to follow)

Mounted Conquistador no. 1 out of stock

Mounted Conquistador  no. 2 out of stock

Romans set no. 1, £20.00

Romans set no. 2. £10.00

Mounted Roman no. 1.  Out of Stock

Mounted Roman  no.2 Out Of Stock  (1 figure on horse)

Bi-Plant Romans, set no.3 Out of stock. 

(perfect match to A Call To Arms Romans)

Mounted Greeks. 2 different – 1 with sword, 1 with spear. £7.00

Mounted Russian Knights, set 1. £7.00

Mounted Byzantine Knight. £3.50 single figure on horse.

Mounted Russian Knights set no. 2. £7.00

Mounted Russian Knights set no. 3. £7.00

Mounted Russian Knights, set #4. £7.00

(one with spear, one with sword)

Bi-Plant Russian Knights. £10.00

Bi-Plant Gauls/Vikings. Out of stock