The (virtual) Midlands Toy Soldier Show

27th. September, 2020.


Our contact details

Tel: 01268 680117 or 07843 536700

Contact time for the show day 9.00a.m until 5.00p.m.

These times are strictly for the Virtual Toy Soldier Show offers only.

No orders for items on this page will be taken either before or after these times.

This will be the page where we will operate the Midlands Virtual Toy Soldier Show.

Only just a few weeks away from the Virtual Show now.

I have been amassing items to put out for sale on the day along with planning discounts on some major items.

I’m not going to list them all at once, but will be adding things gradually throughout the day in order to keep the interest going. You’ll be able to order and reserve stuff for which you can make just one payment once you feel you are done or have spent out. with this in mind, I’ll post at what times I will be adding more items closer to the day.

I have tons of buildings that need to be listed, but don’t have anywhere at the moment to sort of these out on, so may have to hold these over unless a small miracle happens.

However, there will be stacks of one-offs and bargain items many of which you will have to be very quick on.


Just a teaser to whet your appetites……