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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers, but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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We have received a huge collection which for the most part looks to be ex-shop stock, so is in FANTASTIC condition, unless noted!


"Eyes Right" Swoppet figures

 Mounted Confederate with herald Arm, 10.00.

Union, Butternut and Confederate Infantry, each 10.00. Officers are both missing the sword sheath. (all standing and kneeling firing figure now sold)




Can you identify exactly which Britains set number this comes from?

I have searched through all my old catalogues but cannot find this one in any of them, I am assuming that Britains changed the base at some stage but maybe never changed the picture in the catalogues?




34) a. Covered wagon with 2 of 3 flaming arrows. 50.00. (Sold)

red buckboard as shown, 35.00.

36) Boxed cloth covered wagon with 4 horse team. 45.00.



37) Tractor . 15.00.

38) A. boxed Kubelwagon, very nice condition. 45.00 (Sold)

B. Boxed Scout car, very nice condition. 60.00.

40) Boxed Task Force Jeep with figures, again nice and clean. 40.00


8) Britains Battlefront buildings, missing 1 of the 2 sets of traffic lights, 20.00 the set.



         Hospital set 20.00.  

Revolutionary War Cannon, 40.00.

Chariot, 35.00 (link across front of horses has split but is all there).


All below are Mint or in very good condition:

Catalogues, all A4 size: Deetail 1995, 96 & 97. Wm. Britains 1990, 96 & 97. all 10.00 each.



Deetail Clearance:

Made in England Cavalry, 4 figures, each 1.00.



all 6 poses on herald Horses with weapons, no saddles or bases. Just 7.00 a set.

colour shades may vary slightly.



A revised edition of  'Suspended Animation', by Peter Cole.

With at least 25 extra pages, too!!!     20.00 well spent. This one weighs in at just under a Kilo!

(Sold out)

000_0032.JPG (35469 bytes)




Original Britains sticky-backed Union or Confederate flag, each .50p (these are not the cheap looking glossy copies but Original factory stock! )

Mounted  Confederate, 1.00 each .

Early Herald/Argentinian production. any figure .50p each or 3 for 1.00. plenty in stock.

Deetail, Made in England Knights horses. These all will have excellent condition saddle cloths fitted. 20.00 the lot. 27 horses in total.


Herald Confederate standard bearer - figures only, .50p (3 for 1.00)

with flag and pole 1.00

dsg conf.JPG (11272 bytes)


DSG-Herald re-issue spare bases for the above, short of long, some green available but mainly sand/yellow colour. 3 for 1.00



Swoppets Spares

Sprue of 5 weapons- Knights Sword, Dagger, Cowboy Pistol, Indian Knife, WWII Spade. 2.50

Sprue of 4 weapons- 2 ACW/AWI muskets, 1 Winchester rifle, 1 Crossbow. 2.50

Sprue of 4 weapons - 2 ACW Carbines, 1 Khaki Infantry Rifle, 1 Deetail Motor bike riders rifle.  2.50

Swoppet Cowboy Winchester  .50p each.

Indian Knife  .75p each

 Daggers and Battle Axes   0.75 each  

Swoppet heads - 1 with moulded open visor, 1 with moulded closed visor. 3.00 the pair.


Original Swoppet Indian parts, ex-Factory stock.

Unpainted swoppet indian medicine man torso, 1.00

Medicine man head, .50p


Deetail Spares

Sword to fit: U.S. Cavalry, Mexicans, French Foreign legion and Napoleonic.  .75p


Original Made in England parts

Indian arm with axe, .50p

Indian arm with rifle, .50p

Farm workers/Lorry drivers arm? with ring hand - great for converting Civil War, etc. .50p

deet part.JPG (14972 bytes)



Britains Pamphlet Catalogue 1997 2.00