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As the Russian/Ukraine situation worsens, we can obviously not get any more product from either Country at this time. It is possible that this will be the case for many years to follow as sanctions against Russia continues and the Ukranian factory may no longer exist, if it has been part of the senseless destruction taking place there.

What is obvious is that, due to the situation, prices will rise if and when things come to a conclusion.

There is never going to be a better time to buy than now, that’s a fact. Once our current stock is depleted, then it’s possible that there will not be more, so don’t delay – buy today or regret it tomorrow.



Produced for Chintoys by Engineer Basevich, Russia so you can be assured of quality.

£20.00 a set

Completely by coincidence, something I’ve been working on using Airfic/MPC Gangbusters cars, when Igor dropped these 2 sets on me!

Police and also Gangsters. both sets out of stock

The Gangsters

…project underway

Set #30, The Saracens


20.00 each set

Holy Roman Empire Warriors. 1/32


Please note: these are actually 60mm in size, not 1/32.

any ‘bendy’ swords can be straightened with boiling hot and then ICE cold water


Cardinal’s Guard. (Out of Stock)


American civil War Zouaves set #27  £20.00

set #26 Livonian Knights £20.00 

Set #25 Teutonic knights, £20.00

set #24 Ancient Spanish Warriors. £20.00

set #23 Ancient Italian Warriors. £20.00

set #22 Swiss Warriors. £20.00

set #21 Landsknechts. £20.00

set #20 Maya Warriors. £20.00

set #19 Aztec Warriors. £20.00

set #18 Knights Hospitaller (Crusaders).  £20.00

set #17 Templar Knights. £20.00

set #16 Inca Warriors. £20.00

set #15 Mixtec and Zapotec Warriors. £20.00

set #14 Mounted Confederate Generals. £20.00

set #13 Mounted Union Generals. £20.00

set #12 Conquistadors, set 2.  £20.00

set #11 Confederate General Staff. £20.00

set #10 Union General Staff. £20.00

set #9 Conquistadors set 1. £20.00

set #8 Napoleonic Spanish and Portuguese General Staff. £20.00

set #7 Napoleonic Prussian General Staff. £20.00

Set #6 Napoleonic Austrian General Staff. £20.00

Set #5 Napoleonic Russian General Staff. £20.00

set #4 Napoelonic Wellington’s General Staff. £20.00

Set #3 Napoleonic French General Staff, #3 – set 2. £20.00

Set #1 Sharpe’s Rifles. out of stock

set #1 Napoloenic French General Staff, #2 – set 1. £20.00