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Zulu Wars

(and other Natives!!)


Expeditionary Force

 most sets contain either 9 foot figures or 5 mounted figures.

in stock now:

The final 6 sets in the current planned selection of Zulu Wars

1) British Infantry incl. kneeling figures, plain helmets (effectively set 2)

2) as above but badged helmet as per the movies.

3) as above but spiked helmet.

4) Royal Marines.

5) Imperial Mounted Infantry (is that a contradiction?)

6) Natal Mounted Police (horse and foot). 

£27.00 a set.


New Cavalry sets

Lancers, £27.00

mtd lancers

Indian Service Lancers (different headwear from above), £27.00

mtd indian lancers

mounted Auxiliary, £27.00

mtd aux

Carbineers with spikes, £27.00

mtd carabiniers spike—————————————————————–

Naval Brigade with Gatling Guns. £27.00.

54 ZBR 06 - G 01

Landing Party in Senate hats, 9 figures. £27.00

54 ZBR 06 - H 02

Landing Party in flat caps, 9 figures. £27.00

54 ZBR 06 - S 03


Natal/Boer Volunteers, £27.00

natal boer

Natal Native Contingents, £27.00

natal native

Zulus with rifles, £27.00

zulu with rifle———————————————–

All at £27.00 a set.

(Shaka’s uGibabanye regiment) – order set S

(Mpande’s uThulwana regiment) – order set M

(Cetshwayo’s inGobamakhosi regiment) – order set C


54 ZUL 02 – S

ZUL 02 - S 3

54 ZUL 02 – M

ZUL 02 - M 3

54 ZUL 02 – C (Cetshwayo’s inGobamakhosi regiment)

54 ZUL 02 - S M C

These will be followed by the British Cavalry, sometime in September

brit cav

British Infantry for the Zulu Wars period,

set 1p in regular pith type helmets.

set 1m in badged helmets as per the movie.

Set 1s in spiked helmets.

all are £24.00 a set of 9 figures.




(54mm) Zulus!

Sets 1 and 2 of the Zulus

Set 1, married  regiment. £27.00

zulu 1 m

Set 2, unmarried  regiment. £27.00

zulu 1 u




Armies in Plastic

all sets are one price.

£10.00 each or any 3 for £25.00


Zulus. (not available)

British 24th Infantry in shirt-sleeve order.

British Army 5-man crew, in shirt-sleeve order, with Gatling Gun.

British Army 5-man crew, in shirt-sleeve order, with 7lb cannon

Any of the British Army on Campaign  and British Northwest Frontier can serve as troops to swell the ranks. All £10.00 per box,

A Call To Arms

All 16 figures in 4 poses for £5.50

Zulus at Ulundi.

Zulus at Isandlwhana.

Zulus at Rorkes Drift.

British at Rorkes Drift. Not available

British at  Isandlwhana.