Expeditionary Force

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but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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Expeditionary Force

Company is based in Singapore, production is in China.

These figures contain separate arms, heads and weapons giving great flexibility throughout the range to swap the parts between figures from other sets to create different stances.

Period include:

52/54mm American Civil War.

54/56mm Napoleonic.

54/56mm Zulu Wars British & Zulus.

58/60mm Romans & Ancient Britons.

58/60mm Ancient Greeks, Macedonians & Persians.

58/60mm Knights and Peasants.

Due to the poor value of the Pound against the Dollar we have had to suspend importing any more stock into the Country until such times as the Pound recovers.

At the current low rate, we estimate that the price of these sets would rise by around 20/25 percent or more, which would make them unsellable!

Most sets contain either 9 foot figures or 5 mounted figures

French Foot Artillery in Bicornes £31.00

BCF03 1805 Early Command in Bicorne hats. £31.00

French Line Grenadiers. £31.00

PNF03 Infantry Command 1808 in Shako Hats £31.00

French Line Fusiliers in Shako Hat, £30.00

 Scottish Highland:

Highland Flank infantry, £29.00

Officer set. £29.00

Centre Company set. £29.00

Highland Light Infantry. £31.00

Lifeguards. £29.00

 (all mounted sets complete with horses)

French Line Lancers with Officer. £31.00

ex fo french lancers o 005

French Fusiliers. £29.00

ex-fo french nap set 1

French Grenadiers £31.00

frecnh grenadiers

58-60mm Ancients

Ancient Germanic Cavalry. £29.00

 Roman Legion Italica. £29.00

 Roman Legion Augusta. £29.00

Roman Legion Gallica. £29.00

56mm Zulu Wars

Imperial Mounted Infanty, £29.00

Cavalry in plain helmets, £29.00 (in Red)

Royal Marines, £31.00 (same as infantry in plain helmets, but blue plastic.)

Landing Party in Senate hats, 9 figures. £31.00

54 ZBR 06 - H 02

Sailors with Rifles, in caps. £31.00

British Infantry for the Zulu Wars period,

set 1m in badged helmets as per the movie. £29.00

Set 1s in spiked helmets. £25.00

Officer NCO Bugler - 3 Helmet StyleSpiked Helmet

Ancient Persians Range, 

  The Persians, Medes and Phrygians

PSN 06    Satrap Guard Cavalry  £29.00  

PSN 06

(1 officer + 1 Lancer + 2 Axe-men + 1 Javelin-Thrower) on armoured horses


 The Greeks

Set # 22. Ancient Greek Stone Thrower Artillery, £29.00

Set 2 PELTASTS  £29.00

greeks 2

 set 15, 17 and 19 are cavalry sets. All £29.00 a set

set 12 R Greek Mercenaries in Asia (9 models – 1 Officer (Spartan), 2 armored Hoplites (Spartan), 2 armored Archers, 2 unarmoured Hoplites and 2 peltasts, hoplite shields have apron)

set 16 R Paeonian Cavalry (5 models – 1 Officer, 2 unarmored Medium Cavalrymen with lances and 2 Light Cavalrymen with javelins, with options for conversions to more variety in dress)

GRK 17 R Thessalian Cavalry (5 models – 1 Officer, 2 Noble Cavalry in armor with spear and 2 Light Cavalrymen unarmored with javelins)