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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers, but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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We stock  Expeditionary Force, HaT, A Call to Arms, Death Productions

and Chintoys Napoleonic products.


Special price on these sets:

2 complete sets of 9330 7 Years War Austrian Grenadiers very special bargain price of £8.00!!!

These sets below just £5.00 a box!

9314 Bavarian command

9305 French Command

9328 Austrian Infantry Command

9329 7 Years War Austrians

9331 7 Years War Austrian Command


Chintoys special offer

Buy all 4 sets of Napoleonic General Staff and save £20.00!!!

That’s for sets for just £60.00

Prussians, Russians, Spanish & Portuguese, Austrians.


Expeditionary Force

Company is based in Singapore, production is in China.

These figures contain separate arms, heads and weapons giving great flexibility throughout the range to swap the parts between figures from other sets to create different stances.

(see our Expeditionary Force page for more sets) 56mm

Napoleonic Wars series:

Expeditionary Force

*Also view our Expeditionary Force page for a full listing of their Napoleonic sets.

Napoleonic French Old Guard


please check our Expeditionary Force page for current prices.

British 95th Rifles. £31.00

Polish Lancers,  £31.00


French Hussars £31.00

Highland Infantry Officers. £31.00

Highland Centre Company. £31.00

Highland Light Infantry £31.00

Scots Greys. £31.00

Lifeguards £31.00

British Light Infantry £31.00

Scottish Highlanders, £31.00



French Cavalry

each set comes with 5 horses, spare arms and different weapons.

French Line Lancers with Officer. 

ex fo french lancers o 005

French Line Dragoons with Officer.  

ex fo french dragoon o 003

French Line Dragoons with Trumpeter. 

ex fo french dragoon t 004

French Fusiliers

ex-fo french nap set 1

French Grenadiers

frecnh grenadiers



Chintoys are made, on commission

by Engineer Basevich, hence the excellent quality of these figures.

each set £20.00 54mm.

Prussian General Staff


Spanish with Portuguese General Staff


Austrians £20.00



Russian Napoleonic Staff

russians russian header

8 figures, £20.00 per set.

Wellington’s Staff – £20.00wellington

Napoleon’s General Staff, set #2

french 2

Sharpe’s Rifles, out of stock

Napoleon’s General Staff, set #1

CHT002 nap staff 1



**  See the New Stock page for details of our special offers on HaT


9002 Brunswick Avant Garde. £9.00

9304 French Chasseurs, 18 figures in 6 poses, out of stock

9305 French Light Infantry Command, 18 figures, £12.50

9306 Wurttemberg Jaegers, £10.00

9307 Wurttemburg Command. £13.00

9308 Wurttemberg Grenadiers. £9.00          

9309 Wurttemberg Musketeers. out of production     

9310 French Elites in Greatcoats. out of production

                                            9311 French Elites – Command. £12.50

9313 Bavarians  Marching poses. £10.00

9314 Bavarian Command. £12.50

9315 Bavarians Marching poses. out of production

9316 Jaeger Command £12.50

9317 Prussian Infantry marching, out of production

9318 Prussian Infantry.  out of production

9319 Prussian Infantry Command. out of stock

9320 Russians Marching. out of production

9321 Russians in action poses. out of production

9322 Russian Command  not available

9323 Prussian Landwher marching. not available

9324 Prussian Action poses. not available

9325 Prussian Landwher Command  £12.50


A Call To Arms

1/32 British Napoleonic 95th Rifles Out of Production

acta 36

There are 14 sets of Napleonics to date from ACTA. All are £8.50 per box.

Scots Greys. out of production

British Life Guards out of production

Inniskilling Dragoons.  £8.50

French Light Infantry. £8.50

Belgium Infantry. Out of stock

Dutch Infantry. £8.50

British Foot Guards £8.50

 French Cuirassiers.  £8.50

French Line Infantry. out of production

French Dragoons. £8.50

French Carabiniers out of production

British Foot Artillery. out of production

British Nine Pound Cannon.  £7.00