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Conte Collectables


16 figures, red plastic. £32.00

Expeditionary Force

(see our Expeditionary Force page for the whole range or Romans & Ancients.)

Company is based in Singapore, production is in China.

These figures contain separate arms, heads and weapons giving great flexibility throughout the range to swap the parts between figures from other sets to create different stances.


all £29.00 a set

Roman Auxiliaries, out of stock

 Roman Artillery. out of stock

Roman Command. 

Mounted Roman Cavalry

Equitata. out of stock


Praetorians (5 figures)

A Call To Arms


Romans £5.50

LOD Toys


LOD Chariots, 2 per pack + 6 figures. out of stock

incredibly low price for not 1, but 2 chariots, 4 horses and 6 figures!

lod chariots


 out of stock 

The War at Troy

16 figures, 8 in cream, 8 in blue

lod toy 2 



Romans and Ancients

9017 Roman Triari .  not available

9018 Republican Romans Hastati  £9.00

9019 Ancient Spanish Infantry. not available

9020 Carthaginian African Infantry not available

9021 Roman Cavalry. 4 mounted figures in 4 poses.  £6.50

9022 Celtic Cavalry. 4 mounted figures in 4 poses.  9.00

9023 War Elephant, £12.50

9024 Numidian Cavalry, 8 mounted figures in 4 poses, not available

9040 Ancient Italian Allies. £9.00

9054 Italian Cavalry, 8 mounted figures in 4 poses, £12.50

9055 Spanish Cavalry, 8 mounted figures in 4 poses, not available

9056 Carthaginian Cavalry, 8 mounted figures in 4 poses

   not available (8 mounted figures)

9089 Gallic Warband. 9.00

9118 Republican Roman Vellites not available

9120 Carthaginian Light Infantry £9.00

9211 Celtiberians. not available

 9212 Carthaginian Veterans,  not available