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but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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Expeditionary Force

(see our Expeditionary Force page for the whole range or Romans & Ancients.)

in stock now:

Roman Auxiliaries, £27.00

 Roman Artillery. £27.00

Roman Command. £27.00


Mounted Roman Cavalry, each £27.00



Praetorians (5 figures)

A Call To Arms

Romans £5.50 

LOD Toys

LOD Chariots, 2 per pack + 6 figures. £29.00 Out of stock

incredibly low price for not 1, but 2 chariots, 4 horses and 6 figures!

lod chariots



The War at Troy

16 figures, 8 in cream, 8 in blue

lod toy 2 


photos on the TSSD page.

Romans & Barbarians mixed, set 2  £21.00

Romans set 1 £21.00 a set.


We stock all of the HaT figures as available, if you don’t see it listed, please ask.

Numidian Cavalry, 8 mounted figures in 4 poses, £11.50

Italian Cavalry, 8 mounted figures in 4 poses, £9.00

Roman War Elephant, 9.00

 Spanish Cavalry, £11.00

all 16 figures in 4 poses:

Gallic Warband. £9.00

Ancient Spanish Infantry. £9.00

Roman Triari .  £n/a     Ancient Italian Allies.  £9.00

Republican Romans Hastati  £9.00

Carthaginian African Infantry   £9.00

Carthaginian Light Infantry £9.00

Republican Roman Vellites  £9.00

Roman Cavalry. 4 mounted figures in 4 poses.  £6.50

Celtic Cavalry. 4 mounted figures in 4 poses.  £9.00


Romans, 16 figures. out of production

Roman / Gladiator Chariot.

A nice 4-horse team pulls this chariot, which contains 2 figures. out of stock

  Gladiators out of production.

You get  the usual 16 items: 2 each of 6 Gladiators – 3 action poses, 3 static poses plus a great lion

and a rather cheesey bear, that looks similar to someone in fancy dress! 

(Put these with the Marx Ben Hur figures and Arenas for a great Diorama!)