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Clearance Page

Lots and lots of stuff to be added to kick of 2019, as I clear all my unwanted figures from my own collection.

Keep checking back for more!

To clear, 5 sets of Expeditionary Force that we are over-stocked on.

All British Zulu war sets, all now just £20.00 each!!

British Infantry with spikes (not shown below) the original set #1

British Infantry, replacement set 1a includes Kneeling poses.

British Naval Brigade in Senate Hats.

British Imperial Mounted Cavalry


Britains Amercian Civil War Cannon (?) spring and shot. £5.00 the lot


1/35th scale ready made figures. 10 per box

1 set of each only available, £10.00 a set.

WWI German Infantry

WWI US Doughboys



1/32 scale WWI model kit

Nieuport 17 Bi-plane, £20.00

acad 2190


Action Castings

4 confederate casualties, last 2 sets £18.00  £15.00

ac casualties


Indian arms

3 for £1.00

clearance feb 5 007


re-issue 4-horse Roman Chariot £10.00 each

Some colour variations available.

clearance 2 feb 003


From our storage unit –

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

Mounted Mexican Bandits, 2 for £15.00. BARGAIN!

Again, only the boxes and the header cards are water-damaged, the items are perfect.