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Clearance Page

Tudor Rose Knights horse, £1.00

Shells, £1.00 the lot

54mm Hollowcast Robin Hood, £1.00

Crescent plastic seige weapons, £1.00 the pair

‘Men of 1776’ parts. £1.00

Timpo Action Pack, nice clean empty box. £3.00

Britains WWII US Jeep Gun & Swivel stand.  £3.00 each pair or parts.

Timpo or Britains Limber pole – note the difference with the hook. £3.00 each

Elastolin Composition figures, £10.00 the pair.

Deetail replacement resin arms, not plastic. £30.00 the lot.

1 Foreign Legion Arm firing, 12 Arab arm firing long musket,

2 Foreign Legion arm with sword, further 4 with sword blade missing.

Engineer Basevich

set #19

70 Years of the Soviet Army, £23.00

set #30

White Guard Commanders, 1918-1921  £17.00

set #31

Leaders of the Ukranian Revolution, 1917-1921. £17.00


Buildings from my own collection, I’ll be listing more each day as I sort what I can live without!

Airfix Strongpoint

Building with stretcher. no box. Sand colour. £20.00

assembled it looks like this but in sand colour.


Some will have the colour fading that occurs on this type of hard polystyrene plastic.

Black Baron’s Castle (#1).

Virtually complete: has both doors with door bar hooks and the rare door bar which is normally missing!

Note: supplied with 2 small walls, not 3 as shown – it only require 2. £80.00

Black Baron’s Castle (#2).

This one has a broken section for the inner keep as shown.That piece is missing.

No drawbridge, door bar hooks or door bar. £60.00

Medieval Castle.

Exactly the same building as Fort Sahara, only injected in sand colour plastic.

Missing the door bar hooks and door bar.  £40.00

Fort Sahara.

Missing one corner tower (the third one I’ve found with this piece missing!).

Locate a grey one and simply paint to match as these are easier to find.

No doors, door bar hooks or locking bar. £35.00

More buildings to follow as the therapy kicks in and I get weaned off them!


CTS (Classic Toy Soldiers)

Quality sticky backed flags, £3.00 each

(Japanese and British flags now all sold out)

Starlux, Elastolin & Marolin

Catalogues/pamphlets, 2 issues of Das Figuren magazine, £5.00



Death Productions

Last few un-painted sets: all at £3.00 a pair of 2 different figures.

WWI British at Gallipoli/Middle East.

French Line Infantry/Mexican at the Alamo.


beautifully painted figures in pairs

22) WWI British in  Galipoli, £10.00

23) Early WWI Germans £10.00