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but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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Clearance Page

4 x Lone Star & 1 Cherilea American Civil War

Horses tail need re-attaching, 3 swords supplied to replace damged ones. £5.00 the lot.

Timpo Action Pack cowboys.

a few with minor damge, £5.00 the lot.

Lone Star James Bond diver. £5.00

3 Crescent & 1 Hilco knight. £5.00 the lot.

axe head missing from Crescent figure.

Our own Gunfighters, each £1.50. I have more than one of some of these.

Our own Poli-resin cowboys with horse, £1.50 each.

Again, I have more than one of each available.

Marx Overland Stage Guard, £2.00

If Im identify any of these wrongly, I’m sure someone will let me know!

Marx(?) Roy Rogers for jeep. £3.00

Marx(?) Dale Evans  £3.00

Marx cowboy with rope and bridle. £2.00

MPC or Ideal Rodeo cowboy. £3.00

Ideal(?) 4.5″ American Footballer, £5.00

Unknow, about 6″ – Bulldozer driver, maybe? £5.00

Marx and Reamsa or Jecsan(?) Arabs with camel. £5.00 the lot.

Timpo (?) camp fire cowboy, £5.00

Timpo standing horses, various styles.

3 with original bases,4 with balsa bases. £14.00 the lot.


Damaged horse clearout

Lot 3. £10.00 for all.

Lot 4. £10.00 for all.

Replicants Loose stock

each £2.00 


Britains Deetail

Deetail US Police Helicopter crew. £6.00 the pair.

Deetail Helicopter Medic crew. £6.00 the pair.

Deetail US Army Helicopter crew. £6.00 the pair.

Weston Toy Co

Gatling gun parts

Our Stick and Doughnout Magazines.

Consists of 1 Gatling Gun barrel, 1 Stick, 1 doughnut and 1 Cannister Magazine, 2 Ammo cases.

£4.00.             4 sets available.

Britains Deetail

Helicopter floats for parts only. 50p

Timpo Corral (4) £8.00

Timpo Corral (5),

additional sections  £5.00 (more than one set available)

Britains Deetail WWII British M/C rider. £3.00 each.  2 available.


2 x 170mm ‘Green Army Men’ as bookends, not damage. £5.00 the pair.


54mm Robin Hood/Knights accessories. £5.00


Gunsmith’s Store. £25.00

This one is extremely hard to find.

Has some damage to inner door frame as shown, and comes with a spare end wall

Marshal’s Office, £20.00

Barn, complete with ‘loft’ inside opening. £20.00

Cabin for Castle (1) £10.00

Comes with Catwalk to go over gates and one castle door, as well as complete cabin.


Britains Deetail Farm worker/drivers arm.

These make a good replacement for any missing plug-in arms for the Deetail figure ranges.

10 for £5.00

White Metal replacement draw bar for either the Britains Stage Coach or Limber.

(Can’t recall which?). £3.00

Scimitars. 28 for £5.00.

Masterbox set MB6543 discontinued set. £10.00

U.S. Marine Corps, Tarawa.

Britains Deetail replacement Sabres. 24 for £8.00

C.T.S. Flags. each £2.00

First column, no. 2 and 5.

Second column, no. 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Third column, n0.3.

Expeditionary Force Weapons set. £2.50