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Clearance Page

Lots and lots of stuff to be added to kick of 2019, as I clear all my unwanted figures from my own collection.

Keep checking back for more!

Second batch, American Civil War and Wild West and Barszo.


3 figures, £3.00

American Civil War lot

Includes 2 Marx character figures of Lee and Grant, £10.00

American Civil War lot 2, 34 items.

all parts present to finish models including heads, hats, weapons and gear.

Very unusual of wounded duo! £45.00 the lot.

Huge Wild West lot!

over 130 items.

includes 2 versions of mounted Hopalong Cassidy, figure tied to tree, mtd cowboy on black horse with hands tied behind him,  all 7 Crescent 60mm figures!!, Cowboy with pick-axe is a swivel head, figures by Gem, Marx, Britains/Herald, Lone Star, Cherilea, Dulcop, Timpo, Reissler, Airfix and many more. Tons of wagon riders.

£100.00 the lot.

un-opened bag of Purosangue 65mm ACW figures, look like Commansi but made in China.

Looks to be 8 figures. £25.00


First batch are mainly from Spain or Italy and represent US Cavalry and American Civil War.

Oliver 70mm US Cavalry, 6 figures  £30.00

Oliver 70mm Confederates, 5 figures £25.00

70mm 2 x Cavalry, 2 x Union figures. £20.00

60mm 3 x US Cavalry, £15.00

3 x 60mm mounted US Cavalry, £20.00

2 x mounted 60mm US Cavalry, £12.00

2 x 60mm mounted Union figures (mounted with bayonet???) no horses. £10.00

Reamsa 5 x 60mm Union figures, £10.00

1 x 65mm Confederate (looks very similar to Crescent, but not!) £5.00

Reamsa (?) 60mm mounted US Cavalry, no horse. £5.00

2 x 50mm Union, £5.00

The original ” Rinty” from Rin Tin Tin, and 50mm version. £20.00

60mm US Cavalry, £5.00

4 x 60mm figures, 2 Union, 2 US Cavalry.

all rare figures, long out of production.

more will be added soon!



‘Modern’ US Paratroops, 1 set only. £20.00


all reduced to £12.50 a set.

set 3, Soviet Infantry.

set 5, U.S. Marines.

set 8, US Special Forces.

Expeditionary Force

weapons runner, £2.00

Zulu Wars

British Infantry in Spiked Helmets, £25.00, save £2.00

British Infantry in movie (badged) helmet, £25.00, save £2.00

Frontier Light Horse, mounted, £25.00, save £2.00

Imperial Light Infantry, £25.00, save £2.00

Naval Brigade in Caps, £25.00, save £2.00

Naval Brigade in Senate Hats, £25.00, save £2.00

Engineer Basevich

Lot 2

Caucasians, 8 figures £24.00

Mini Art

These are the finest plastic model building currently available in the world,fully 3-dimensional, so you get a front, back and sides plus scaled depth to the brickwork as opposed to the 2-dimensional Airfix offerings.

The range is enormous and they are perfect for shelf dioramas as well as full blown displays.

Scale is stated as 1/35th but these are really 1/32 so are therefore of interest to both modeller and toy soldier collector.

Make no mistake, there is hours of work in assembling these as they are both part vac- formed and part normal construction kit. End fit requires a little finessing, but once painted, the finished article would be stunning.

German Street.

mini art 006

mini art 002mini art 003

Basically comprised of 3 separate buildings, tons of detail, which I have assembled and given the initial filler coat to, A second filler coat, followed by a light sanding before painting will be required.

The hard work is already done for you! size is approx 17.5 inches long, 8 inches deep and 12 inches at the tallest point.  £40.00. (given that a single bland Airfix building is £20.00, this is a bargain).

German Village House.


mini art 004mini art 005

The same thing applies to this kit as the one above, I have done the assembly work, and first filler coat, it requires a second filler coat, a light sanding before painting. Lots of hiding places in this for your figures. Sold!

‘Street’ bases can be bought from Mini-Art to mount this one on if required.


This one is sealed and untouched in the box. Ready for you to apply your own skills to, the perfect thing for these winter days and night. £30.00


1/35th model kits

Vietnam series MACV-SOG group, 4 figures £10.00

dragon 3306

U.S. Marines 1968, 4 figures. £15.00

dragon 3307


1/32 scale WWI model kit

Nieuport 17 Bi-plane, £20.00

acad 2190

Sopwith Camel F-1 Bi-plane, £20.00

acad 2189b


1/28th scale Fokker Dr.1 Tri-plane £15.00

Revell 047441


deleted model kit, £30.00

made-up includes operating opening ramp, extra figures plus

spare arms and additional transfers

l c 001l c 002


1/35 (actually 1/32nd) scale Landing Craft Crew, 6 figures per box,

2 boxes available, each £8.00 (fit very well with the large Italeri Landing Craft).


HaT overstocks

9040 Ancient Italian Allies, £9.00. £8.00

9318 Napoleonic Prussians, marching, £9.00  £8.00

9212 Ancient Carthaginian Veterans, £6.00  £5.00

9019 Ancient Spanish Infantry, £9.00  £8.00


Weston Toy Co

last 3 sets of painted WWII figures, £10.00 a set of 6.

Khaki colour only, desert colour now all sold out.

ptd wwII

Action Castings

4 confederate casualties, last 2 sets £18.00  £15.00

ac casualties


Sticky backed high quality flags, each £2.50

clearance feb 5 001


Indian arms

3 for £1.00

clearance feb 5 007


re-issue 4-horse Roman Chariot £10.00 each

Some colour variations available.

clearance 2 feb 003


From our storage unit –

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

Any 4 figure packs for £10.00 – these must be cleared. BARGAIN!

WWII British,  

Mexican Bandits on foot,  

Mexican Peasants,  

Mounted Mexican Bandits, 4 for £15.00. BARGAIN!

Again, only the boxes and the header cards are water-damaged, the items are perfect.

HaT Roman Elephant crew and box, some standards are damages, some drivers are missing stick.

£1.00 a set, several sets available.


Osprey book “D-Day 1944” £5.00