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Clearance Page

New stuff added November 2017

1st and 2nd box art versions of the Palmer Plastics Gatling gun.

Both models are complete and with instruction.

Scale is large, maybe 1/18th? Both from the 1950’s.

£15.00 each

clearance 001clearance 002


War of Independence lot, £15.00

clearance 003

Spanish bullfighters set, including much sought after mounted duo.

£80.00 the lot.(21 items)

clearance 006clearance 007

Cherilea wagon horses, £1.00 for 3.

clearance 10 11 005

From my very own collection, remnants of my childhood. I have owned these since the late 1950’s, and apart from adding very few bits such as extra horses, these remain as original.

There are 2 x 40/45mm stage coaches both with correct driver and team, 1 covered wagon missing the 2 front wheels. 2 spare horses – the absolute best wagon horses I have ever seen!

Further down the page are 3 more covered wagons and  a stage coach, I estimate that these are 60mm, maybe a little larger. The 2 matching wagons are by Tudor Rose and am guessing that the coach and wagon (which came with mounted Cavalry and Indians – and of which I am keeping) are by Kleeware.

Obviously the wagon with 4-horse team is missing the front wheels and axle stubs, and has broken from the shaft with age. All have the correct drivers. Interestingly, the single horse is an exact copy of the Tudor Rose wagon horses, only slightly larger but is marked Tim-mee, so another case of Companies sharing with foreign Companies.

£80.00 £60.00 for the lot.

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Next up from my own collection will be my Swoppet Civil War items including Infantry, cavalry, guns, Limbers , Gun Teams and all of the spare parts that I have amassed over the years for this series. Interested?

Replicants factory-painted Zouaves, set of 4 figures.

1 ramming shot into rifle, 1 loading shot, Zouave aiding wounded comrade. £10.00 the group.


Replicants factory-painted Zouaves, set of 2 figures. £5.00


Replicants Factory-painted Union Infantry, £24.00 the group.


Fontanini ? 3 Vikings, £15.00


Finally reached the very back of the storage unit and have uncovered another case of the Marksmen Union!

So, these are back on offer at just £1.00 for 6 different figures.

We still have the same offer on the Marksmen confederates and Zouaves, however, we have now exhausted complete sets of the Confederates, these will now consist of 6 random figures of our choosing for the same low price of just £1.00.

union v

From our storage unit –

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

Any 4 figure packs for £10.00 – these must be cleared. BARGAIN!

WWII British,  

Mexican Bandits on foot,  

Mexican Peasants,  

Mounted Mexican Bandits, 4 for £15.00. BARGAIN!

Again, only the boxes and the header cards are water-damaged, the items are perfect.

Expeditionary Force

To clear-

WWII, all £20.00 a set (See the Expeditionary Force page for photos)


Set #2, Rifle Section in peak caps or steel helmet.

set #4, Mortar Section in peak caps or steel helmet.


Set #4, Mortar Section.

US Infantry

set #2, Rifle Section.


Italeri 1/35 kit,

4 Russian WWII figures, £5.00



Wild West lot £40.00


US Cavalry and Confederates – so many limber riders and flagmen!!!!! £80.00



6 different 1/24th scale  WWII ‘pin-up’ model kits, each £5.00

No. 6

no 6

No. 5

no 5


no 4


no 3



No. 1

no 1

Assorted Hilco, Timpo, etc. easy repair to stretcher  as parts are there.

£20.00 the lot.


Assorted mortar Teams by Timpo, Hilco, etc. plus Lone star on the end.

£12.00 the lot.


Mars Afghanistan, £10.00


Mars Vietcong £10.00* Extra figures added


HaT Roman Elephant crew and box, some standards are damages, some drivers are missing stick.

£1.00 a set, several sets available.


Original Airfix German Half tracks, replaced rear guns. £20.00 each.


Reamsa Catalogue, £5.00


Osprey book “D-Day 1944” £5.00


Wm Britains booklet,1996  .50p.


Britains pamphlet 1997, .50p


Britains pamphlet 1994, .50p


Airfix 1/32

Monty’s Humber 1/32 model kit

to clear, £5.00

(Half track now all sold out)