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Wild West  



set #4 the pair £9.00

1 firing bow, 1 loading rifle.


Texas Rangers

Set #4. Rangers behind dead horse, the pair. £9.00

1 laying firing, 1 wounded with arrow.

set #3. 4 different foot figures, out of stock

Mounted Texas Rangers, set 1 out of stock!

Mounted Texas Rangers, set 2 out of stock!


Saloon figure sets back in stock

Musicians, 4 different figures and resin piano. Crate not included. £13.00

Bar Staff – 2 bartenders, 2 working girls. Bar and crate not included, £8.00

The Gamblers, 4 different figures and table cover. Crate and chairs not included. £10.00

The Drinkers

5 different figures, not new figure to replace sitting drunk. Bar not included. £10.00

We are getting down to our final few complete Trail Drive sets – just like the Gatling Gun Set which we are still getting asked for, once it’s gone, it remains gone forever!!!

It consists of

4 different mounted cowboys

6 Longhorn steers with separate horns which require fixing in place.

Made from poli-resin so NOT a toy as some thought!

Can be painted with ANY paint – acyrlic, enamel or oil based.

Just add your own Chuck Wagon and Blanket Roll Wagon to complete a superb diorama.

Still only £20.00


4 riders and 4 horses only, £15.00

Expedition Force

Woodlands Indians, £27.00

Paragon Scenics 

Plains Indians, £25.00

4 mounted figures, 8 standing.



4 different standing, out of stock

set #1 mounted, £9.00 the pair (unpainted)

set #2, £9.00 the pair (unpainted) 


Mexican Bandits

1 each of 2 figures in blue only, £5.00 the pair.




Weston Toy Co. 

Fully painted resin (not plastic) Piano

as supplied by us for the Replicants Saloon figure set.

£5.00 each.


set #4. 8 mounted Bandits in 8 positions with 4 new horses. £15.00

These are produced in the same light blue as our standing Mexicans – the silver ones here an in fact the metal Master figures that were used to make the molds from.

Set #2. Our Mexican Bandits- just £10.00 for 16 figures.


set #1. The Gunfighters from our South of the Border range.

Completely sold out!


 set #3. The Mexican Peasants.

16 figures in 8 poses  £10.00

supplied in white plastic.


The Gunfighters

Replicants Gunfighters, 4 figures, £8.00

TSSD Clantons and McLaurys, 8 figures, £15.00



The Clantons and McLaurys

8 figures. £15.00


Mounted Plains Indians. 6 figures and 6 horses. £23.00

Plains Indians, set no. 1. 12 figures in 6 poses. £18.50

Plains Indians, set no 2.  12 figures in 6 poses.  £18.50

Plains Indian Casualties.  12 figures, £18.50


Paragon Scenics

Paragon Mounted Apaches, £25.00 a set of 6 

Apaches set #2  £25.00

12 figures in 6 poses.

Apaches set #1

12 figures in 6 poses. £25.00



Sole Worldwide Distributor for these figures

(See the Replicants page for photos)

 Saloon figures: 2 different bartenders, 2 different Saloon Girls, £8.00

Saloon figures: 4 different gamblers & Table cloth to fit Marx table, £10.00

Saloon figures: 4 different drinkers & Buffalo Bill. £10.00

Saloon figures: 4 different musicians & my own resin Piano . £13.00

Apaches £10.00 5 figures.

Pinkertons & Bounty Hunters out of stock. 4 figures. £8.00

Western Townsfolk, 2 different men and 2 different women.  £8.00