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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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set #33

French Warriors. £20.00

set #34 Holy Roman Empire Warriors. £20.00


Kit Soldiers (Ukraine)

Ukrainian Knights

8 different figures, out of stock



perfect match to Basevich knights,

8 different for £20.00 

8 different £20.00 

Crusaders, 8 figures £20.00 

Templar Knights, 8 figures out of stock

 A Call To Arms


A Call To Arms

Fresh from their new moulding factory-

A Call To Arms

I have just received these sets. The price is an interim one as I have worked these in with whatever little original stock I had remaining. This may have to rise, but at this time, I am passing this saving on to you.

(it’s just been confirmed to me that the ACTUAL price of these sets – apart from the cannons – will be appox £9.95, even more reason to buy now before that price comes into force!)

Norman Infantry,

These are a good match to the Airfix  and Accurate/Revell Knights

(The Airfix figure is on the left, the Accurate/Revell one on the right)

16 figures in 4 styles, with separate shields. £8.50



Knights Accessories £5.00

Suitable for both 54mm and 60mm figures!

Pack contains:

Target with holed for arrows, sprue of arrows, quiver to hold loose arrows, camp fire, battering ram, assault  ladder.


Sole Worldwide Distributor for these figures

(See our Replicants page for photos)

 The Knights. 4 figures, £8.00

2 different Mounted Knights, £9.00

Mounted Normans, set 1. 2 figures with horses, £10.00.