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Most of you will have seen that the Pound is actually worthless against both the Euro and the Dollar.

This means that we are having to pay more for our imported sets (which make up about 95% of  Toy Soldiers now produced!!) so inevitably prices are going to have to rise.

With the price rise, means that as the value of the goods is more, and therefore, the Import Taxes are more.

Nothing we can do about that I’m afraid, that is beyond our means, so our prices will HAVE to rise along with these extra costs.

First to be hit will be the pending Expeditionary Force (Ex-Fo) and Basevich shipments, then it will be anything else from Russia along with re-stocks of the LOD/Barszo ranges as we place our orders.

Engineer Basevich

***All are VERY limited production sets, once they are gone, he does not make more!

Therefore, don’t delay. You want a set, buy it while there are some available.

Arrived at long last, after a couple of months stuck in the Lockdown.

It’s only half the shipment, and we have no idea where the other half is.

‘Battle for Berlin’

Colours will be what ever I have in stock. I rate this as the 2nd-best ever set. superb stuff!



Set #19 70 years of The Soviet Army – free UK Post on this set.


Set #30 White Guard Commanders, £22.00 

Set #31, Leaders of the Ukranian Revolution. £22.00


Engineer Basevich from Russia also produces on behalf of Chintoys

in stock now, Chintoys, 2 new sets! £20.00 each

Engineer Basevich and Chintoys

New sets now in!

Russian 1st. Cavalry. out of stock

Russian 1st. Cavalry Commanders, out of stock


2 totally superb sets!! 

Crusaders, 8 figures £20.00

Templar Knights, 8 figures £20.00


Russo-Turkish Wars, Russians. £27.00

Russo-Turkish Wars, Turks. out of stock



Inca warriors,  £20.00

Mayan Warriors, £20.00 a set of 8.

Very Exotic! Someone is going to have a field day painting these for sure!


Chintoys Aztecs, set #2.  £20.00

Chintoys Conquistadors, set #2  £20.00.

2 superb brand new sets, exquisite detail.


Set no. 24

Sumerians/Hittites. £27.00


(colours may vary) 12 superbly sculpted figures, £27.00



Conquistadors, set 1. £20.00. 8 figures.

Aztec Warriors, set 1. £20.00. 8 figures.

set no 22, Caucasian Warriors,


EB Caucasians 001 EB Caucasians 002


sets 20 and 21, each £27.00

Russo-Japanese war

Russians, set #20

eng bas 20 21 005

Japanese, #21. out of stock

eng bas 20 21 004

Set no. 19 from Engineer Basevich 70 years of the Soviet Army.





in stock now, each set £20.00

Prussian General Staff



Spanish with Portuguese General Staff



Chintoys (by Engineer Basevich)

£20.00 per set

Russian Napoleonic Staff

russians russian header

Engineer Basevich

set nos #16 & # 17

each £27.00

Russo-Turkish War 1877-1878

set #16  Russian Army

russian 1

set #17  Turkish Army. out of stock

turk 1


sold out!

 set #15 The Assyrians, 12 figures.

eb 15 Assyrians


Each set  shown below, £27.00

Set No. 1  Red army. Civil War in Russia 1918-22   out of stock

     6 poses  x 2 = 12 figures

eb set 1          

Set No. 1a)  Red Army (continued) 10 figures /10 pose  

set # 1a - Red Army     

Set No.  2) White Guards. Civil War in Russia. 10 figures /10 pose Last few sets

       set # 2 White Guard   

Set No. 3) contra  revolution.    10 figures /10 pose      Last few sets       

set # 3 Counter-Revolution