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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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Britains/Herald Swoppet horses (Brand New!) £2.00 each.

Galloping or Trotting

Weapons/spares Runner. £2.00

Contains 5 Muskets, 1 pistol, 1 bugle, 5 swords, 5 scabbards, 1 carbine, 3 bags.

Britains Deetail Sabre

fits: US Cavalry, Foreign Legion, Mounted Mexican, Napoleonic range.

.50p each.


Scimitars, 4 for £1.00


Weapons set 1

 2 x ACW Musket, Winchester and Crossbow to fit the Swoppet figures. out of stock

Weapons set 2
 2 x ACW Carbines (fits swoppet ACW cavalry leg), swoppet Khaki infantry FN rifle and Deetail m/c riders rifle. out of stock


1 x Timpo roman spear, 1 x  Timpo Knights/Crusader Sword,

2 x Deetail style sabres to fit Foreign Legion, Napoleonic and U.S. Cavalry

£2.50 a set.

Timpo Stage Coach and Wagon Horde Harness.

These were made especially for us, and should not be confused with the inferior items made in Europe.

 The 1st. series vehicles had free-standing horses (i.e. no bases on their feet)

V-shaped harness for 1st. series horse to front of hitch  .50p

Nothing else is available, we are sold out at long last!



Original Swoppet Indian parts, ex-Factory stock.

Medicine man head, .50p

Deetail Spares

Original Made in England parts

Farm workers/Lorry drivers arm? with ring hand – great for converting Civil War, etc. .50p

deet part.JPG (14972 bytes)

Original Britains Union – Stars and Stripes flags. each .50p.

Swoppet Indian Knife for indians.     .75p each