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April/May 2021

It looks like we may have seen the last of the reasonably priced/good quality plastic toy soldiers as costs continue to rise partly due to the fall-out from Covid-19.

Shipping prices from China are set to rise, perpetrated by the greed of the shipping industry; as ships lie full waiting to be able to depart and also to be unloaded, shippers are hiking their prices – whereas pre-Covid price for a container was around £1,800, the current price is around £5,000!! that’s some mark-up!!

Add to this, China is looking to hike their prices by 5% as from next week. With only 2 Companies still producing in the UK, 1 in Italy (maybe) and those from Russia, things are looking set to get expensive.

Now obviously, all of these prices will get passed on to the manufacturer, who in turn passes them on to the Wholesalers and dealers, who in turn pass them on to the customer.

Financially and technically, it has become impossible to mass-produce plastic figures in either the UK or the US, so they have all HAD to turn to China, there are simply no other alternatives at the moment.

I’ve given everyone the same advice over the last 30 years that we have been in Business – don’t delay as NOTHING will be around forever. Just look at how many Companies that we have lost to date, and I am sure that there will be more to add to this as we progress through a difficult year. Buy the things that you want NOW – they may well be long gone by tomorrow.

On a slightly different note: I hear that the 2 glossy Soldier mags have merged into one and I have been told that they have also added model kits into the mix, so that may actually be 3 mags, not 2.

Sign of the times.


Coming soon from

Plastic Platoon

Again, these will be just a small order, so first come, first served.

The perceived high cost is obviously putting the vast majority of you off, so I don’t intend to pay out for these and simply sit on them.

Prices will be confirmed once we have paid any Customs charges as these are at best, erratic!

Little Big Horn Indians, set #3.

WWII Germans – ‘Hunters & Prey’.

WWII Soviet Scouts.

WWII Japanese (The BEST I have seen to date!)

WWII U.S. Marines.


Expeditionary Force

set #5 (Final set) WWII Japanese Special Naval Landing Force

As all previous sets, parts are interchangeable throughout the range.

Expect these towards the end of April.


Can we inspire you?

Conquistadors and Ancients.

Possibly not historically correct but why not combine all 4 sets of the Chintoys Ancient Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and Zapotecs with their set #1 and #2 of the Conquistadors, add the King James’ Men from the Replicants Guy Fawkes set, then seek out a set of the Cherilea Zulu/African Natives and the Monarch Conquistadors to make a very interesting diorama? Convert a few pirates with Treasure Chests, etc to complete the scene.


Robin Hood

These have been available in basically 3 sizes: 50/52mm, 54mm and 60mm.

50/52mm range includes Charbens, Kentoys, Marx (superb), Cherilea (also superb – probably the best Sheriff on foot), Herald (ditto – the best Sheriff on horse), Res Plastics.

54mm range includes Crescent/Kellogs, Britains Deetail, Dulcop, Replicants. Lone Star (although all over the place, scale-wise).

60mm range includes Marx/Marksmen, Barzso, Expeditionary Force (Armed Peasants, etc).

All are well worth having.


American Civil War Zouaves/French WWI/Crimean War.

For these periods, there are several useful sets out there:

HaT Zouaves set #1 and #2, Expeditionary Force Zouaves, the ex-Marksmen/Replicants Zouaves and worth tracking down are the original Replicants Zouave – 2 different arms, the Italeri Union as these are nearly all Zouaves and the more difficult Butternut & Blue Union as, once again, the uniform is that of the Zouave. All of these more-or-less match for size.

There are a minimum of 3 different uniform colours and variations within those colour schemes, so well worth doing a little research on – especially if you’ve now had enough of Napoleonic uniforms for a while!


Take either one of the 2 different females from the Ex-Fo armed Civilians set and put her in either the Galation or Ancient Britons chariot. Instant Queen Bodica (of Bodicea, if you prefer).

Mix the Ex-Fo figures in with the slighter less-chunky HaT and Italeri Gaul sets and you have a huge army of ancient Britons.

For easy conversions: some of our own Mexican Peasants could be used as more Britons.




Any figure in this photo, £2.00 each.


3 figures ideal as War of Independence, Alamo Defenders or Pirates.

one figure with foot on barrel holding musket.

one figure in frock coat, holding lantern and pointing.

one figure in short frock coat carrying barrel.

£6.00 £5.00 save £1.00

standing horse as used for Duke of Cumberland, Lewes figure, etc. Each £2.50


Nelson’s (Napoleonic) Navy

Set 2   4 figures £8.00. 

Our Annual clear out of loose Replicants and other items:

Sack loads for mule, £2.00 each.

Crates £2.00

Barrels £2.00

4 Napoleonic Heads. £2.00

Runner of 4 heads. £2.00

Lewes rider and Horse, £4.00

4 Scimitars, £1.00

Deetail sword to fit US Cavalry, Napoleonic and Foreign Legion, 3 for £1.00


set of 6 youths, £12.00.

set of 6 Confederate Raiders. £12.00  £10.00

set of 5 Harper’s Ferry raiders set #2. £10.00.  £8.00



Expeditionary Force

WWII Japanese Tropical Defence Section, £29.00 a set


Paragon Scenics

Our LAST 3 sets of these, just 1 of each available

56mm figures

Alamo Defenders, set #2.  last set  £25.00

 Alamo range

Alamo Defenders set #2 £25.00 12 figures

comes with a selection of changeable heads. could also be used as cowboys/early pioneers.

American Civil War range

American Civil War set #1 1 each in Blue or grey, each set £22.00

Interchangeable heads, comes with both kepi and Campaign hat.



Cherokee Indians, 7 figures. £20.00

Blackfoot Indians, 7 figures £20.00

Shawnee Indians, 7 figures £20.00

LOD Enterprises

Amazons set #2: Amazons, Aeneas & Ajax.

2 mounted Amazons, 4 on foot, 6 Ancients on foot. £27.00

(this makes 5 sets in the series so far:

The War at Troy (infantry); 2 Chariots with 2 riders each & 2 figures on foot;

Heroes of the Illiad; Amazons set #1; and now Amazons set #2)


From Russia, maker is unknown

English Knights including 2 mounted Figures. Last set! £20.00

Romans set no. 1, £20.00. Last 3 sets!

Romans set no. 2. £10.00. Last  set!

Greeks, 2 mounted 5 standing. last set, £20.00




Gun Ho/Weston Toy Co.

3 x Gun Ho Geronimo and 6  of our own Apache firing rifle. £15.00

(our Apache differs from the Gun-Ho item as it has the addition of a gun-belt with pistol, and a bullet bandolier around his chest)

Weston Toy Co

Our own poli-resin fully painted and detailed Piano, suitable for many periods.

Details include embossed detail on the piano frame, defined black and white keys, and an antique finish.

NOT A TOY, these are NOT suitable for children but for collectors only.

Sale price, just £3.00 each



Weapons set 1

 2 x ACW Musket, Winchester and Crossbow to fit the Swoppet figures. £3.00

Weapons set 2
 2 x ACW muskets (fits swoppet ACW cavalry leg), swoppet Khaki infantry FN rifle and Deetail m/c riders rifle. £3.00

Weapons set 3 (Limited quantity)

Swoppet: Knights Sword, Dagger, Indian Knife, Cowboy Pistol, Khaki Infantry spade. out of stock



Return of The Seven!!

We’ve just unearthed some of our Gunfighter sets, so have put together this package deal

1 each of The Seven Gunfighters.

16 Mexican Village Peasants.

16 Mexican Bandits on foot.

8 Mexican Bandits mounted

Incidentally, (and quite by accident) our mounted figures fit on the TSSD Indian horse, so if you already have that set, you can mix and match our horses with theirs, across the 2 sets.

£35.00 the set, supplied bagged.

7 Gunfighters

8 mounted bandits

16 Mexican Village Peasants

16 Mexican Bandits


Create your own Longhorn Cattle with our packs of horns

20 horns, enough to create 10 Texas Longhorns.

Simply cut of any existing horns on your own cows and glue these in place

(removal of the udders is taken under advisement!), quick paint job and done!

£5.00 including free UK Postage.

Below: the 1st. 2 of my conversions – 10 minutes with a drill, file and some superglue and these are ready to for paint at a later date.


Due to an on-going problem with water seepage into our storage unit, we are offering these sets with water-damaged packing – no damage to the items, only to the packing. We are under the impression that we have an underground spring or something similar that is pushing water up into the unit.

(apologies for the poor photos, but the light quality was dreadful!)

16  NOW 24!!! mounted Mexican Bandits for just £15.00

(these also fit exactly onto TSSD Indian horses)

48 Mexican Village Peasants for just £10.00

48 Mexican Bandits for just £10.00

36 WWII British in Khaki, just £10.00

3 WWI German A7V Tanks, not kits, fully assembled, £20.00


    Masterbox 1/35th scale models  – easy assemble. £11.00