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December 2018

coming in the next 8 days:

3 new Napoleonic Scottish Highland sets

Command set

Officer set

Centre Company set

Plastic Platoon

Hand made 54mm soft plastic figures from Russia.

Top quality sculpting, each set as shown £35.00.

For those that REALLY love their plastic figures.

US Marines with recoiless rifle.

 US Marines set 2




More sets coming soon.

Engineer Basevich

Ancient Egyptians, £27.00

Just in time for Christmas – 

we have only 5 1 of these LOD sets which come in a nice presentation box at just £25.00.

It consists of a 70mm Santa, 3 helpers, 2 Gift bundles and 8 Reindeer to pull the sledge.

All highly detailed – be quick as these are all there will be!!

Woodlands Indians, £27.00

Mounted Barbarians/Gauls. £27.00

(heads and arms are interchangeable with the standing figures)

From my own collection:

Possibly one of the biggest Zorro plastic figure collections to be found.

16 Zorros in total and a total of 36 extra figures.

Figures by Lone Star, Both of the mounted version and both of the standing version by Starlux, 2 x Reisler with accessories, Mounted and standing version by Dulcop, Bully, A South Amercian one and another that I cannot recall the make of, 2 American-made ones plus the Marx character figures of Don Diego, his father and also Garcia plus more. Plus all the figures that you see across the front including 2 painted Gun-Ho Geronimo.

Offers around £150.00, very cheap for so many character figures.


1/32 Gladiators, set 2.

12 figures. Last set £11.00



Last few items to clear:


Rommels Half-Track, £15.00

No longer in production –

Desert Outpost, £15.00

Strongpoint, £15.00

SELL Toy Company

1/32 Jagd Panzers

Compatible with Airfix, 21st. Century and FOV

Buy 3 for £48.00 and get free postage anywhere in UK/Northern Ireland

Expeditionary Force

due in next week:

Woodlands Indians

news about next years PW show.

Engineer Basevich

Just arrived

Chintoys Aztecs, set #2.  £20.00

Chintoys Conquistadors, set #2 (back to the normal  size!) £20.00.

2 superb brand new sets, exquisite detail.

Back in stock


Chariots, 2 per pack + 6 figures. £29.00

incredibly low price for not 1, but 2 chariots, 4 horses and 6 figures!

lod chariots

and the

Heroes of the Illiad figure set


Engineer Basevich

Sumerians/Hittites, £27.00

Expeditionary Force

in stock now, £27.00

Romans and Ancient Barbarians/Gauls


Roman Legion Italica

Roman Legion Augusta

Roman Legion Gallica

Roman Legion Hispana

Roman Praetorion Guard


LOD War of Independence

4 new sets in stock now, each £24.00

British Infantry, set #2

British Grenadiers

American Infantry set #2

American Light Infantry

These fit nicely with the ex-Barzo/LOD set #1 British and set #1 Americans, also with the Accurate Figures.


A whole lot of stuff has been added to the clearance page, so get in quick!

Expeditionary Force

Runner of weapons, £2.00

Sale on these items only

Zulu Wars

British Infantry in Spiked Helmets, £25.00, save £2.00

British Infantry in movie (badged) helmet, £25.00, save £2.00

Frontier Light Horse, mounted, £25.00, save £2.00

Imperial Light Infantry, £25.00, save £2.00

Naval Brigade in Caps, £25.00, save £2.00


 from Russia:

Knights and Saracens set, in one combined set.

Plastic for this set is like the Conte Vinyl used on his WWII Germans, FFL, Arabs, etc.


and a very timely Mounted Conquistador to accompany the Chintoys sets (in regular plastic).

£2.75 each

More Romans to go with the set we already have


(existing Roman set below, £20.00)



Conquistadors, set 1. £20.00 8 figures.

Aztecs, set 1. £20.00 8 figures.