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February 2024

Important! Please read:

If you are sending ANYTHING to me and use UK stamps, please ensure thay they have the King’s Head on them as any with the Queen’s Head are now invalid (Queens Head and barcode maybe still valid) and incur fees set by the Post Office.

I will NO LONGER pay any of these fees, so whatever you send – payment, items, letter, etc will simply be destroyed by Royal Mail.

to clear:

Expeditionary Force

54mm Zouaves

3 complete figures, 4 spare bodies, 15 additional heads.

£10.00 the lot.


A Call To Arms

Re-stocks just arrived February 2024

Set 4, Zulus at Islandwaner

set 5, Parlimentary Musketeers.

set 10, Maryland Infantry.

Set 11, Union Coloured Infantry.

Set 18 Union Iron Brigade.

Set 23  Napoleonic Cannon.

Set 31 Dutch Infantry.


3-D Computer printed figures

I am clearing out all of our range of these superb figures except for

 the Vietnam range are no longer available to us, each set is just a mere £25.00!!!!!

 For photos, see our 3-D Printed figure page.

Just a few of each available, once sold, ther will not be more.

Mounted Harquebusiers, £56.00 now

3-D Computer printed figures

All but the Vietnam range are no longer available to us, so we are clearing these at a massive 20% discount! For photos, see our 3-D Printed figure page.

Just a few of each available, once sold, ther will not be more.

Mounted Harquebusiers, £56.00 now £25.00.

Calix Knight Command £45.00 now £25.00.

Crossbow Unit £45.00 now £25.00.

Imperial Rocket Gun with crew, £45.00 now £25.00.

Imperial Volley Gun with crew, £45.00 now £25.00.

Sunland Knights £40.00 now £25.00.

Winged Hussars on foot £40.00 now £25.00.

Spearmen £40.00 now £25.00.


A bit of a shock to me, but I will shortly be losing my storage unit where all of my own products are kept, so with that in mind there is no choice other than for me to sell of as much as possible, hence the bargain basement prices!

My loss is your gain.

WWII British Infantry, 12 figures reduced from £10.00 to just £3.00

WWI German A7V Tank, reduced from £10.00 to just £5.00

Our own poli-resin fully painted and detailed Piano, suitable for many periods.

Details include embossed detail on the piano frame, defined black and white keys, and an antique finish.

NOT A TOY, these are NOT suitable for children but for collectors only.

Reduced from £5.00 to just £1.00 each

“South of the Border”

8 mounted Mexican Bandits. Reduced from £15.00 to just £5.00 a set.

16 Mexican Peasants – the poor people of the village, reduced from £10.00 to just £3.00

“Trail Drive”

(compatible with our own mtd Mexicans and TSSD figures)

Made from quality Poli-resin, not plastic.

4 cowboys, 4 horses were originally £15.00, now just £5.00!!




Create your own Longhorn Cattle with our packs of horns

20 horns, enough to create 10 Texas Longhorns.

Simply cut of any existing horns on your own cows and glue these in place

(removal of the udders is taken under advisement!), quick paint job and done!

Originally £5.00, now reduced to just £1.00!!

Below: the 1st. 2 of my conversions – 10 minutes with a drill, file and some superglue and these are ready for paint at a later date.


Return of The Seven!!

1 each of The Seven Gunfighters. £10.00


Engineer Basevich

set #40 Scythians+ Sarmatians. £33.00


Currently the only event in the UK that caters SOLELY for Toy Soldiers!

approx. 55 tables dripping with plastic figures and accessories.

Very Special offers on these HaT sets:

2 complete boxed sets 9330 7 Years War Austrian Grenadiers, just £8.00

2 sets of 9101 Zoauves for just 8.00 GB. (bagged)

ALL other sets on this Sale list just 5.00 GB per set. (Boxed)

Please quote set number when ordering.

Save even more by ordering up to 6 sets for the one UK shipping price of just £5.45.

 9002 Brunswick Avante Garde

9019 Spanish Infantry

9040 Ancient Italian Allies

9054 Italian Cavalry

9120 Carthaginian Light Infantry

9305 French Command

9314 Bavarian command

9328 Austrian Infantry Command

9329 7 Years War Austrians

9331 7 Years War Austrian Command


Swoppet Knights heads – 1 with open visor, 1 with closed visor. £2.00

Weapons set 5.

1 x Swoppet Knights Battleaxe, 1 x Civil War/ Revolutionary War Musket. £2.00. 

Weapons set 1

 2 x ACW Musket, Winchester and Crossbow to fit the Swoppet figures. £2.50

Weapons set 2
 2 x ACW carbines (fits swoppet ACW cavalry leg), swoppet Khaki infantry FN rifle and Deetail m/c riders rifle. £2.50

Weapons set 3 (Limited quantity)

Swoppet: Knights Sword, Dagger, Indian Knife, Cowboy Pistol, Khaki Infantry spade. £3.00


52mm U.S. Cavalry, Lot 1 £20.00


52mm U.S. Cavalry lot 2 £20.00


54mm US Cavalry, £20.00

2 x Marx Arabs, 1 Reamsa (?) Arab, 1 Charbens camel. £15.00 the lot.


2 cowboys firing from behind horse, £10.00 the pair

Kentoys (?)

2 extremely rare 54mm Dan Dare characters from the Eagle Comic stories.

Sensible offers invited!!!

(if I don’t reply, then you’ll know your offer wasn’t deemed sensible!)


large blue Wild West Stage Coach Guard. £2.00


Full set of the 6 rare 6inch (150mm) U.S. Cavalry.

The only damage that I can see is the rifle tip of the guy in the middle of the second row.

£90.00 the set.

Full set of these 4.5 inch Character figures of:

George Washington, U. S. Grant, R. E. Lee,

Paul Revere, Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis.

£30.00 the set.


mounted indian chief and 3 figures for the canoe, condition as shown. £8.00

Paramount or Sacul 52mm Wild West lot. £8.00

Wild West assortment,

Includes the Cherilea fighting cowboy pair. £30.00 the lot.

Weapons/spares Runner. £2.00

Contains 5 Muskets, 1 pistol, 1 bugle, 5 swords, 5 scabbards, 1 carbine, 3 bags.

Britains/Herald Swoppet horses, (Brand New!) £2.00 each.

Galloping or Trotting.


“South Of The Border”

Special Offer no. 5

2 sets (32 figures) Mexican Peasants – the poor people of the Village.

1 set ( mounted figures on 8 horses) of the Mexican Bandits – Evil & Nasty to the bone!

Just £10.00




This is the second set that we have upscaled to fit closer to the TSSD Vietnam series.

These are 3D resin-printed by computer, they are NOT toys as they can be fragile.

Quite literally printed one figure at a time, in very small batches, so get them quick!

They take all paints – Enamel, Acrylic, etc.

8 superb sculptings, £40.00

Waterloo 1815

WWI Italian Infantry, £20.00 16 figures.

Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, £20.00 13 Figures.

WWII Italian Infantry, £11.00

WWII Italian Folgore Division, £11.00


Weston Toy Co.

7 Magnificent Gunfighters. (unpainted) £20.00