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November  2017

advance notice

Date for the 2018 33rd. Plastic Warrior Show.

May 12th. 10.30a.m.

Plan your attendance accordingly!


“Trail Drive”

Our own Trail Drive set –

***4 resin riders and 4 resin horses, just £15.00***


(compatible with our own mtd Mexicans and TSSD figures)


4 riders, 4 horses and 6 resin Longhorns at only £20.00


4 riders and 4 horses, no cattle £15.00




Vikings. £120.00 the lot, foot and mounted! dirt cheap!!

clearance 10 11 003clearance 10 11 002

3 Airfix Catalogues. £5.00

well thumbed and read!

a rarity.

airfix cat 001


4 Greek Casualties . £6.00

(these are the ones included in the Heroes of the Iliad set, but if you want

additional ones or you just want casualties, here they are)

lod cas

due to arrive in the next few days:

Napoleonic Wars series:

6 sets in total, each £27.00

each set comes with 5 horses, spare arms and different weapons.

Note that the Trumpeter has a different uniform to the other figures.

French Line Chasseurs mounted with officer.

ex fo french hussar o 001

French Line Chasseurs mounted with Trumpeter.

ex fo french hussar t 002

French Line Lancers with Officer.

ex fo french lancers o 005

French Line Lancers with Trumpeter.

ex fo french lancers t 007

French Line Dragoons with Officer.

ex fo french dragoon o 003

French Line Dragoons with Trumpeter.

ex fo french dragoon t 004


one only

Kleeware/Tudor Rose/Ideal castle. £45.00

(figure not included, shown for scaling only)





“Battlefield Combo” packs, just £8.00 each.

Boxer Rebellion: 10 British, 8 Chinese Boxers.

8 U.S. infantry, 8 Chinese Boxers.

10 Russians, 8 Chinese Boxers.

Egypt & Sudan: 8 British Navy, 10 Dervish warriors.

Modern wars: 6 U.S. infantry, 12 Taliban fighters.

Napoleonic wars: 8 Russians, 10 French, 1 French cannon (no crew).

Russo-Japanese war: 10 Russians, 8 Japanese.


Just in stock:

LOD Toys

Heroes of the Iliad, £27.00

war at troy illiad


To clear-

WWII, all £20.00 a set (See the Expeditionary Force page for photos)


Set #2, Rifle Section in peak caps or steel helmet.

set #4, Mortar Section in peak caps or steel helmet.


Set #4, Mortar Section.

US Infantry

set #2, Rifle Section.

Expeditionary Force

in stock now, £27.00 a set

Napoleonic British Infantry 

Nap BRT 01A Nap BRT 01-1


Napoleonic French Line Officers

french line officers

Finally reached the very back of the storage unit and have uncovered another

case and a half of the Ex-Marksmen Union!

So, these are back on offer at just £1.00 for 6 different figures.

That’s it, the unit is finally emptied and we have started the long repair job.

We have now also come to the end of COMPLETE sets of the Confederates, we are still able to offer 6 random figures of our choice for the same low price of just £1.00.

 union v


From our storage unit –

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

Any 4 figure packs for £10.00 – these must be cleared. BARGAIN!

WWII British,  

Mexican Bandits on foot,  

Mexican Peasants,  

Mounted Mexican Bandits, 4 for £15.00. BARGAIN!

Again, only the boxes and the header cards are water-damaged, the items are perfect.

A & L Miniatures

un-released plastic prototypes.

WWII Germans and US.

computer generated figures only ever partially issued in metal form.

some minor damage to weapons on 1 or 2 figures (blue tack on kneeling figure holds end of the rifle barrel.) £50.00, your chance to own something truly unique!

r s


custom painted Vikings. £30.00

superb attention to detail



1/35 but more compatible with Airfix, each set £20.00

4 sets available

esci wwII russ

1 set available

esci modern us


Arabs, Foreign Legion, Zulus, British 24th, WWII Germans, Alamo Defenders

each set £25.oo – contact us for what is in stock


1/32 scale 10 paratroops, £10.00


All 1/72 scale:

WWII British Infantry, £10.00


US Marine Corps £10.00


WWII Medics, £10.00


The Greeks, £10.00


The Egyptians, £10.00




5 different lots, some may contain 1 or 2 Transogram figures.

all each £60.00 a lot.

lot 1.


Lot 2.


Lot 3


Lot 5




Mexican Bandits

1 each of 2 figures for £5.00, either in blue or white



in stock now!


American Civil War Generals!!!

Set #10

Union General Staff, £20.00

chintoys union

Set #11

Confederate General Staff, £20.00

chintoys confed


Huge increase in prices on Expeditionary Force sets which is partly due to rising prices in China, partly due to the poor value of the Pound/Peso and partly to increased shipping costs.

All sets have risen in price and we are also noticing a huge increase in Taxes when importing from Europe, especially Russia, where we never used to pay anything before.

£27.00 a set, but should be £30.00!!!

French Fusiliers

ex-fo french nap set 1

French Grenadiers

frecnh grenadiers


‘No Name’ Russian made figures

The Vikings, £20.00 the set

vikings 3



AVRN South Vietnam Troops. 16 random figures in 8 poses. £16.50



re-issue of Napoleonic Russian Heavy Infantry (ex-Lintek?)

16 figures, £16.50

must be about 10 years since we last had these!


Paragon Scenics

Alamo Defenders set #2 £24.00 in stock now

Alamo Mexican Regulars set #2 £24.00 in stock now.


in stock now…..

Set no. 19 from Engineer Basevich 70 years of the Soviet Army.

in stock now. £27.00



Cannon barrels,

.50p each.

some we only have very few of, so order quickly.

cannon barrels

42 items added to the Clearance page, May 21st 2017.


BEFORE ordering, please ensure that you have read our section on how to order and pay using the

how do I order/how do I pay?

link shown at the top of each page.


in stock now, each set £20.00

Prussian General Staff


Spanish with Portuguese General Staff



Water-damaged stock

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

Our own brand – Weston Toy Co.

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

WWII British, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mounted Mexican Bandits, buy one get a second set free. £15.00

Mexican Bandits on foot, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mexican Peasants, buy one get a second set free. £10.00


21st. Century

factory painted figure lot, £20.00 for all.

2 Italians, 2 Russians (Officer is missing plug-in hand), 2 British 8th. army, 3 Americans ( 1 missing base and arm)

21st ass2 21st ass1


Tin Litho Castle

50/54mm Knights Castle carry case, same one as used for their Robin Hood set.

A little age worn but a lovely item. Easy to straighten out the edges where the tin has pushed out – these are also hidden by the gates.

Printed tin litho. £30.00.

z4 z3z11 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z10



coming soon to all toy shops along the US Border.

Made in Mexico. Easy snap-together pieces so no messy glueing.

trump wall———————————————————————

Russian-made English knights, Viking. 7 different figures, £16.00

RM knights 2

Romans, £20.00 a set. approx 56mm

RM Romans


Action Castings

Limited production runs. Buy before they disappear.

Hand-made plastic figures. Individually hand-injected one at a time.

American Civil War

set #3. 4 Confederate casualties. in stock now, £18.00

ac casualties

Vietnam War:

4 Vietcong Casualties. in stock now, £18.00

ac cong