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Following the sale of TSSD,  Weston Toy Co Mexicans, both on foot and mounted are being distributed by LOD in the US.

you can contact Ken at the following address:

3081 Kingswood Court
Green Bay, WI 54313
(920) 471-7349

For some unknown reason, I am quite taken with these 2 figures and would like to get more.

I’m also interested in the Airfix Marching figure, and any other WWII in a similar pose.

So if you have these and they don’t fit your needs, let me know. thanks.

We’ve emptied our US storage place and found these few items that were out of stock here, when these are gone, that’s it:

Engineer Basevich

Crimean War, last 2 sets £27.00 each.

Ancient slaves, last 3 sets £27.00 each.


The new LOD Amazons and the Ex-Fo  Ancient Britons ‘Warband at the charge’ will arive sometime in the next 10 – 14 days but I will also be listing around another 60 items, mostly one-offs, over the next few days. Get in quick as this is all I have, once they are gone, that will be it.

Last few items unless I unearth anything more!

65) Britains Swoppet Knights Trade box – what a find! £400.00

o.k. so it’s really worn but just how many have you ever seen?

Virtually all the figures are complete, just 2 or 3 with minor parts missing.

66) 5 mounted Britains Swoppet Knights. £125.00

More details on request

67)  Box of 3 Britains Swoppet knights, £150.00


1)  The rare and exquiste

Butternut & Blue ‘Red-legged Devils’ playset, large version. £150.00, dirt cheap! SOLD!!!

approx 45 Union soldiers, 14 Confederates and 2 Union Prototype figures, – a total of 61 figures!!

6 stone walls plus split rail fences and a 4-page booklet.

comparable size-wise to Herald, Barzso, Marx and Ex-Fo ACW figures.

Not familiar with these figures? Check out this old link that I found on the net:



2) Herald & 2 Marx ACW, £28.00 Sold!


3) Timpo Original action Pack ACW figures, £10.00


4) Boxed Britains Deetail Knights set, £30.00

5) Loose Britains Deetail Knights lot, £25.00 superb condition.


6) Britains Hong Kong & 2 FOV knights,  £27.00


7) Britains Greeks £35.00. SOLD!


8) Britains Roman Chariot £20.00


9) Knights spare parts, £2.00 Sold!


10) LOD XMAS set, Santa with Elves. £12.00


11) French Foreign Legion 70mm superb! £20.00 Sold!


12) Arabs £20.00 Sold!


13) Reamsa Mounted Napoleonic, 2 sets available, £20.00 per set of 4. Sold!

14) Purosangue US Cavalry/Union 56mm (look same as Comansi). £20.00 Sold!


15) Barzso French, French-Indian wars. £25.00 Sold!


Russian no-name:

16) Russian Knights, £10.00

17) English Knights, £10.00 (several sets available)


18) Vikings, last set. £20.00

Death Productions, beautifully painted figures in pairs

19) WWI British £10.00

20) WWI Turks, £10.00

21) WWI Scots, £10.00

22) WWI British in  Galipoli, £10.00

23) WWI Germans £10.00

24) WWI Australians, £10.00

25) Napoleonic French Grenadiers, £10.00

26) French Line/Alamo Mexicans set 2, £10.00

27) French Line/Alamo Mexicans set 1, £10.00

28) Napoleonic Hihlanders, £10.00

29) Backwoodsmen £10.00

                                                        30) Airfix Cowboys, mint condition figures in good condition box £35.00  Sold!                                                                                              contains full set of 22 pieces – cowboys, horses, saddles.


31) New Ray Dodge Truck, opening doors. £15.00

21st. Century

31) US Half Track, M3A2 with single front mounted machine gun, £15.00

quick and easy assembly, screwdriver supplied.


32) US Half Track, M16 multiple rear mounted swivel guns. £15.00

quick and easy assembly, screwdriver supplied.

34) Sherman Dozer Tank, £15.00 Sold!

quick and easy assembly, screwdriver supplied.

35) WWII British Infantry, last set they issued, wasn’t available here in the UK. £20.00

36) US Infantry set #1, long since deleted. This may be a pre-release box as it is not printed and 2 figures are missing their base. Reps sample item maybe? £20.00

37) US Infantry set #3, £20.00

38) German Afrika Korps. £20.00

39) Revell German Africa Corps, match with Airfix. 10 figures plus machine gun. £20.00

40) Matchbox Africa Corps, £12.00

41) Matchbox German Infantry in reverse colors as Africa Corps, £25.00

42) Britains Armoured Car, split in cellophane. £45.00

Britains ‘Eyes Right’ War of Independence

43) British £70.00

44) Americans £70.00

45) Americans £70.00

46) Ideal Knights, 70mm £20.00 (as originally supplied with the Ideal version of the Kleeware/Tudor Rose Castle)

Action Castings. The last of these hand-injected figures.

47) General Armistead. £10.00 (TSSD size)

48) Wounded Confederates, £15.00

49) Italeri Templar Knights, sealed £25.00 Sold!

50) Italeri French Line Guard Artillery Train  £35.00

51) Conte Spartans set # with Kirk Douglas?

(hois hand is not missing – it’s a plug-in and is in bottom of blister! £35.00. Sold!


52) Conte Spartans, mix of red and gold. £35.00 Sold!

53) Conte Spartans, £35.00 Sold!

54) Conte ACW Union in Blue, £25.00

56) Conte ACW Union in Grey as Confederates, £25.00

57) Conte Union Iron Brigade in Blue, £25.00

58) Conte Iron Brigade in Grey as Confederates, £25.00

59) Conte Confederates set #1 in Blue as Union £25.00

60) Conte Alamo Mexicans/Napoleonics in Shakos, set #1. £25.00 (in blue)

61) Conte Alamo Mexicans/Napoleonics in Shakos, set #2. £25.00

63) Conte Alamo Mexicans/Napoleonics in Shakos, set #3. £25.00

64) Conte Alamo Mexicans/Napoleonics in Shakos, set #4. £25.00 (in Blue)




set #4 the pair £9.00

1 firing bow, 1 loading rifle.

Set #4. Rangers behind dead horse, the pair. £9.00

1 laying firing, 1 wounded with arrow.


Engineer Basevich

Russian 1st. Cavalry. £22.00

Russian 1st. Cavalry Commanders, £22.00



Texas Rangers

4 different foot figures, £8.00

Mounted Texas Rangers, set 1 out of stock

Mounted Texas Rangers, set 2 out of stock

Character figure of Paul Morehead (Esteemed Editior of Plastic Warrior) £2.00




Timpo Western Fort catwalk  and corner tower struts, both the long and the short ones.

as many as possible!

Action Castings

Not available anywhere else

Last few sets! When they are gone, that’s it!

Confederate casualties, £18.00  £15.00

4 figures compatible with TSSD, Conte, Paragon, Cunnyngham and Death Productions

I have a few model kits to clear:


WWI Fokker DR. I

This 1/28th model kit comes with pilot (Von Richthofen – the Red Baron) and 2 ground crew.




1/32 WWI Sopwith Camel F.1

£20.00 – 1 only

1/32 WWI Nieuport 17

£20.00 – 1 only

Buy all 4 planes and get them sent post Free in the UK!


1/35th – but more like 1/32!  £9.00

WW2 USN Landing Craft crew. 6 figures. nicely fit the Italeri Landing Crafts.


Probably the best manufacturer of Cold War 1/32 Military items!

My own personal collection – and these ARE 1/32, not the puny 1/35th scale!

11 unbuilt model kits, a lot are still sealed including a built-up Truck. This is a REAL bargain.

£275.00 including UK Postage to the person that buys the lot. I don’t want to split these, the artwork is fantastic which is a collection in itself, without the models. Price is dead cheap – check these out on the net and see how much you will save by buying this lot in one go.


1/32 Crusader III

(see 1st. Renwal picture above, top right)

Built and ready to go, £25.00


We are getting down to our final few complete Trail Drive sets – just like the Gatling Gun Set which we are still getting asked for, once it’s gone, it remains gone forever!!!

It consists of

4 different mounted cowboys

6 Longhorn steers with separate horns which require fixing in place.

Made from poli-resin so NOT a toy as some thought!

Can be painted with ANY paint – acyrlic, enamel or oil based.

Just add your own Chuck Wagon and Blanket Roll Wagon to complete a superb diorama.

Still only £20.00

SELL Toy Company

1/32 Jagd Panzers

Compatible with Airfix, 21st. Century and FOV

Buy 3 for £48.00 and get free postage anywhere in UK/Northern Ireland

Sale on these items only

Zulu Wars

British Infantry in Spiked Helmets, £25.00, save £2.00

British Infantry in movie (badged) helmet, £25.00, save £2.00

Frontier Light Horse, mounted, £25.00, save £2.00

Imperial Light Infantry, £25.00, save £2.00

Naval Brigade in Caps, £25.00, save £2.00


 from Russia:

More Romans to go with the set we already have


(existing Roman set below, £20.00)