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May 2022

To clear:

Expeditionary Force

WWII Japanese reduced the £25.00 a set while stocks last.

Once they are gone, we will only get them to special order.

(Photos on the Expeditionary Force page)

1) Infantry Rifle Section.

2) Infantry Defense Section.

3) Machine-Gun Section.

4) Mortar Section.

5) Tropical Defense Section.

6) Special Naval Landing Force.


New items in stock now 


mounted U.S. Dragoons

Set #1, 2 different figures. £9.00

Set #2, 2 different figures. £9.00


Expeditionary Forces

French Napoleonic:

IPG04 Imperial Guard Artillery.

PNF02 Mounted Gendarmes.

PNF04 Foot Artillery in Shako.

BCF04 Foot Artillery in Bicornes.




Anyone have any of these Mules to get rid off?

I think they were also available in other colours – maybe black and/or brown?



loose figure clearance

Top Row: All £2.00 each

Swinging axe x 14, sword behind head x 1, sword & round shield x 1, torch x 2, walking with axe x 1, crawling x 2, mounted figure (no horse) x 1.


Row 2: all £2.00 each except wounded duo £4.00, Cantiniere £1.00

Horse Holder, Kneeling firing (plenty of both), running x 5, wounded duo x 1, Wounded x 13, standing firing x 1,

Conderate standing firing x 3, Cantiniere x 13, Mule skinner x 1.

Row 3: all £1.00 each.

Stretcher bearer – rifle is molded short x 30, with arm out x 1, with bag x 9, Zouaves: Officer x 17, running x 1, marching x 1, rifle at waist x 1, loading x 20.

Row 4: all £2.00 each.

King James man with lantern x 10, Customs man laying x 10, running x 10, Royal Marines: wounded x plenty, running x 4, rifle at waist x 1, Kneeling x 2, standing x 2.

Row 5: all £2.00 each.

Pirate/Smuggler/Alamo defenders: carrying keg, foot on keg, holding lantern, plenty of each.


Engineer Basevich

Special Offer this month (April) while stocks last:

set #35 Red Army cavalry, 1938-1940 £24.00. Offer price, just £22.00

Set #31, Leaders of the Ukranian Revolution. £23.00. Offer price, just £21.00


Engineer  Basevich

These sets are selling fast – don’t miss out as there may not be any more!!!

As the Russian/Ukraine situation worsens, we can obviously not get any more product from either Country at this time. It is possible that this will be the case for many years to follow as sanctions against Russia continues and the Ukranian factory may no longer exist, if it has been part of the senseless destruction taking place there.

What is obvious is that, due to the situation, prices will rise if and when things come to a conclusion.

There is never going to be a better time to buy than now, that’s a fact. Once our current stock is depleted, then it’s possible that there will not be more, so don’t delay – buy today or regret it tomorrow.

Price Increases

As I posted in the last few months of 2021, the cost of plastic is set to rise by a whopping 50%, this is obviously going to affect the cost of plastic figures, for which we saw several price rises in December last year.

Expect this to take effect as we re-stock or bring in new figures – so if you want to beat the increases, obviously buy NOW! Hesitate or delay and it will cost you more, without a doubt.



70mm French Napoleonic Infantry including Napoleon. 8 figures, £15.00


Sentries, £5.00

Italeri & Marx

Romans, 19 figures. £25.00


Romans, £18.00



Expeditionary Force

each set £31.00:

BCF02 French Heavy Cavalry in Bicorne Hats.

BCF03 Early Command 1805 in Bicorne Hats.

IPG03 Infantry command Old Guard

PNF03 Infantry Command 1808 in shako hats



Re-stocks of all of the War At Troy sets, Rev. War sets and Sheriff’s Men have now arrived


Toy Soldiers of San Diego

Re-stocks of the TSSD WWII Range have now arrived, see them on our TSSD page



Saracens horses, £20.00 the lot


4 new sets all in limited quantities reflecting the current Collector buying trends.

£12.50 per set.

#9328 Austrian Infantry Command

#9331 Austrian Command


A Call To Arms

We have now managed to re-stock an all sets except those which remain out of production at this time which are:

#9 Napoleonic British Line.

#12 Napoleonic British Foot.

#21 Napoleonic Carabiniers.

#23 Nine Pound Cannon.

#25 Napoleonic Scots Greys.


From Russia, maker is unknown

Mounted Greeks, 2 figures £7.00 last 2 sets!

Expeditionary Force

Clearance of Ex-Display sets 

(used at the Shows for display purposes)

Regular price £29.00  CLEARANCE PRICE £25.00 a set

Just one set of each available.

2022 re-stocks of these will probably rise in price to around £32.00, so grab a bargain now!

The Greeks


set #6 Greek Cavalry


2 stunning new sets from Chintoys available now!

£20.00 per set.

Please note: these are actually 60mm in size, not 1/32.

any ‘bendy’ swords can be straightened with boiling hot and then ICE cold water



Chintoys special offer

1) Buy all 4 sets of the South American ancients and save £20.00

That’s 4 sets for just £60.00!!!

Mayans, Aztecs, Mixtecs & Zapotecs, Incas.

2) Buy all 4 sets of Napoleonic General Staff and save £20.00!!!

That’s for sets for just £60.00

Prussians, Russians, Spanish & Portuguese, Austrians.




Robin Hood’s Merrie Men with Maid Marion. £24.00


Weston Toy Co

From our water damaged boxes:

2 sets (16 figures) of mounted Mexican Bandits

2 sets of Mexican Village Peasants (32 figures)

Just £20.00!


Gun Ho/Weston Toy Co.

3 x Gun Ho Geronimo and 6  of our own Apache firing rifle. £15.00

(our Apache differs from the Gun-Ho item as it has the addition of a gun-belt with pistol, and a bullet bandolier around his chest)

Weston Toy Co

Our own poli-resin fully painted and detailed Piano, suitable for many periods.

Details include embossed detail on the piano frame, defined black and white keys, and an antique finish.

NOT A TOY, these are NOT suitable for children but for collectors only.

Sale price, just £3.00 each

Return of The Seven!!

We’ve just unearthed some of our Gunfighter sets, so have put together this package deal

1 each of The Seven Gunfighters.

16 Mexican Village Peasants.

16 Mexican Bandits on foot.

8 Mexican Bandits mounted

Incidentally, (and quite by accident) our mounted figures fit on the TSSD Indian horse, so if you already have that set, you can mix and match our horses with theirs, across the 2 sets.

£35.00 the set, supplied bagged.

7 Gunfighters

8 mounted bandits

16 Mexican Village Peasants

16 Mexican Bandits


Create your own Longhorn Cattle with our packs of horns

20 horns, enough to create 10 Texas Longhorns.

Simply cut of any existing horns on your own cows and glue these in place

(removal of the udders is taken under advisement!), quick paint job and done!

£5.00 including free UK Postage.

Below: the 1st. 2 of my conversions – 10 minutes with a drill, file and some superglue and these are ready to for paint at a later date.


(apologies for the poor photos, but the light quality was dreadful!)

16  NOW 24!!! mounted Mexican Bandits for just £15.00

(these also fit exactly onto TSSD Indian horses)

48 Mexican Village Peasants for just £10.00

48 Mexican Bandits for just £10.00

36 WWII British in Khaki, just £10.00

3 WWI German A7V Tanks, not kits, fully assembled, £20.00