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June  2017

We are getting towards the back of our storage unit now, and have listed more items on the Clearance page, with more to follow.

I must get the storage emptied and made watertight before this winter so the sale continues on these items:

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

WWII British, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mounted Mexican Bandits, buy one get a second set free. £15.00

Mexican Bandits on foot, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mexican Peasants, buy one get a second set free. £10.00


The Commanches, £8.00


also, back in stock:

The Battle of Hastings set.

The mounted English Civil War Trumpeter.


Coming next from MARS

Keep checking for release date.



Cannon barrels,

.50p each.

some we only have very few of, so order quickly.

cannon barrels

42 items added to the Clearance page, May 21st 2017.


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The London Toy Soldier Show,

Saturday, June 10th.

The Business Design Centre,

(The last one is this location before it moves to Camden in December)

Islington, London.



in stock now, each set £20.00

Prussian General Staff


Spanish with Portuguese General Staff



Expeditionary Force

in stock now

The final 6 sets in the current planned selection of Zulu Wars

1) British Infantry incl. kneeling figures, plain helmets (effectively set 2)

2) as above but badged helmet as per the movies.

3) as above but spiked helmet.

4) Royal Marines.

5) Imperial Mounted Infantry (is that a contradiction?)

6) Natal Mounted Police (horse and foot). 

Each set £24.00



1/32 Medical Corps, set 2110. SOLD!

(includes the other figures supporting the wounded soldier not shown in photo)


Paratroops set no 2112, £25.00 1 only available.




Vietnam US Green Berets,

in stock now, £15.50



Cunnyngham Collectables

We have just received what is probably the last delivery of their ACW Confederates.

When these are gone, there will not be more, so buy now and at the special low price of

£15.00 a set of 12 figures.beau acw


Water-damaged stock

Water damaged packing – goods are perfect condition:

Our own brand – Weston Toy Co.

German A7V, buy 2 get a third free. £10.00 each – get 3 for £20.00!!

WWII British, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mounted Mexican Bandits, buy one get a second set free. £15.00

Mexican Bandits on foot, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mexican Peasants, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Juicy news snippets:

we are hoping to obtain several new sets from several sources –

that would be around 4 or 5 new sets possibly next month from Europe, and then later in the year a well-known company will be hoping to concentrate more on their production of plastic figures and putting some of their many master-figures to good use.

No names as yet, once I can, I will confirm who these are, but it is satisfying to know that people are still willing to invest their hard-earned money into making plastic figures for us to enjoy.


Expeditionary Force

Cavalry sets

4 to choose from

Lancers, £24.00

mtd lancers

Indian Service Lancers (different head wear), £24.00

mtd indian lancers

Mounted Auxiliary, £24.00

mtd aux

Carbineers with spikes. £24.00

mtd carabiniers spike


the next in the line of their Vietnam range from


will be the Green Berets, once they are available in the UK, we will have them.



21st. Century

factory painted figure lot, £20.00 for all.

2 Italians, 2 Russians (Officer is missing plug-in hand), 2 British 8th. army, 3 Americans ( 1 missing base and arm)

21st ass2 21st ass1


Tin Litho Castle

50/54mm Knights Castle carry case, same one as used for their Robin Hood set.

A little age worn but a lovely item. Easy to straighten out the edges where the tin has pushed out – these are also hidden by the gates.

Printed tin litho. £30.00.

z4 z3z11 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z10

in stock now! £20.00

Chintoys Austrians



Engineer Basevich

Ancient Slavs


(please note: re-stocks of all sets will rise to £27.00)

12 different figures.




 £20.00 a set

Russian Napoleonic Staff

russians russian header


Robin Hood & Merrie Men. £22.00 in stock now.

16 figures per set, 2 each of 8 different


Sheriff’s Men. £22.00 in stock now.

16 figures per set, 2 each of 8 different


AWI British, £22.00

16 figures per set, 2 each of 8 different

awi b

AWI American Minute Men. £22.00

16 figures per set, 2 each of 8 different

awi a


in stock now

Expeditionary Force

Naval Party with Gatling guns. £24.00

54 ZBR 06 - G 01

Naval Party in Senate hats, 9 figures. £24.00

54 ZBR 06 - H 02

Naval party in flat caps, 9 figures. £24.00

54 ZBR 06 - S 03



Just in

A few each of these sets all are old stock, not current production.

All top-of-the -range figures.

French Foreign Legion 16 figures, set1. £25.00.

set 3, £25.00

Arabs 16 figures, set 1. £25.00

set 2, £25.00

See our Conte page for pictures.



coming soon to all toy shops along the US Border.

Made in Mexico. Easy snap-together pieces so no messy glueing.

trump wall———————————————————————

The Plastic Warrior Show.


in stock now.

Limited availability of Pegasus

German Paratroops. 12 figures, £11.00


2 more Vietnam sets. £15.00 each set.


MAR32007 NVA



Wellington’s Staff. 8 figures, £20.00


French General staff, set #2. 8 figures, £20.00

 french 2

Expeditionary Force  60mm Ancient Persians Range

60 PSN 09 Y         Persian Sparabara (Pavisiers & Bowmen) – 9 x foot

Temporarily out of stock

psn archers 9 2 psn archers 9 1

60 PSN 10 Y         Persian Royal Guards (Apple-Bearers) – 9 x foot

Temporarily out of stock

psn royal guard 10

60 PSN 11 Y         Persian Artillery (Oxybeles Bolt-Shooter) – 9 foot models + 2 “guns” (and 1 extra gun)

Temporarily out of stock

psn artillery 11


The following sets for the Zulu War/Colonial Wars are targeted for release in mid-January 2017:-

54 ZBR 06 – S       Naval Brigade – Sailors with rifles

54 ZBR 06 – G      Naval Landing Party – Gatling-Gun

54 ZBR 09 – R       Royal Marines (Blue + Sennett Straw Hats)

While the following set can be expected in April 2017

54 ZBR 09 – I       British Infantry (Red) – this is a supplementary set for the ZBR 01 Infantry sets with kneeling and advancing poses.



From my own collection:

Forces of Valor Historical Legends

Complete set mint and carded

American Civil War Union and Confederate

125 124open to sensible offers!


1/24th scale Little Big Horn

by Dragon Can-Do

All 5 figures are on bases which fit together to form a complete diorama

127 126Again, make a sensible offer!


So, what did 2016 bring us?

Only 49 new releases in plastic, that’s all!!

Missed out on attending one of the 5 shows in this Country – Why???

If someone can travel from South America just to attend a show,

shouldn’t you at least put in the effort to attend just one?

You would have seen some or all of these releases as the year progressed.

You would have had access to dozens of dealers.

You could also have had an opportunity to sell off your unwanted items.

Think and plan ahead for next year. 4 show dates are already listed, 1 more to confirm, maybe more!

The London Toy Soldier show moves location for December 2017

due to increased costs at the current Islington venue.

Make a note of it – The March and June 2017 shows remain at the Business Design Centre and then for December 2017 it moves to the Haverstock School, Camden Lock, just 2 miles up the road

(opposite Chalk Farm tube station).

So don’t turn up in Islington in December 2017 as you will be very lonely.

(Believe me, someone will turn up there!).


Coming in 2017

NOT available yet, no release dates, so just keep checking this site:


Roman Tortoise (unpainted of course)


More from Replicants.

2 More sets from Paragon, maybe.



Russian-made English knights, Viking. 7 different figures, £16.00

RM knights 2


All bagged sets approx 13 figures per set, each £25.00

*note- these are hand-injected resin collector figures, not suitable for children.


Mohawk Indians

(note one broken rifle barrel which is present and can be glued back on)



Collections bought and sold.

Thinking of thinning out your collection?

Send us a list of what you have.


1/35th German Panzer Grenadiers

highly sort after set, 1 0nly £25.00



Koreans, set 1

(This is the set we had last year)

16 figures in 8 random styles selected by CTS. £26.00



From Russia

Romans, £20.00 a set. approx 56mm

RM Romans


Action Castings

Limited production runs. Buy before they disappear.

Hand-made plastic figures. Individually hand-injected one at a time.

American Civil War : General Louis Armistead. In stock now, £8.00

ac armistead


set #3. 4 Confederate casualties. in stock now, £18.00

ac casualties

Vietnam War:

4 US Casualties. in stock now, £18.00

ac us

4 Vietcong Casualties. in stock now, £18.00

ac cong