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March 06th, 2021

I have just listed about another 50 lots for clearance from my own collection for sale, on the COLLECTION CLEARANCE page.

This features a ton of Britains spare parts, as well as some more unusual figures, etc.


There will be a new page making an appearance on the website as from MARCH 01st.


will contain the vast percentage of my own collection which I have had to reluctantly put up for sale in order to finance a new engine and gearbox for my classic car.

I will NOT be able to take Visa or Mastercard payments for ANYTHING on that page, as it will then be classed as earnings and will be taxed at the end of the year, therefore any payment for items on that page will have to be by Cheque, Postal Order (remember those?) or Bank Transfer; ONLY Overseas Customers will be allowed to pay via Paypal. Bank Transfers are dead easy – if you have on-line banking, it takes seconds to do; otherwise any branch of your Bank will do it for you.

I have hundreds of items to sell, so will be adding these as time allows.

Needless to say, these are one-offs. Keep looking, get in quick!


Just arrived:

Expeditionary Force

WWII Japanese Mortar Section, £29.00


Pioneers set #1 7 figures, £20.00 only 2 sets available.

British Infantry, french/Indian Wars, 10 figures. £28.00. Last set!

Cherokee Indians, 7 figures. £20.00

Huron Indians, 7 figures £20.00

Blackfoot Indians, 7 figures £20.00

Shawnee Indians, 7 figures £20.00

LOD Enterprises

Amazons set #2: Amazons, Aeneas & Ajax.

2 mounted Amazons, 4 on foot, 6 Ancients on foot. £27.00

(this makes 5 sets in the series so far:

The War at Troy (infantry); 2 Chariots with 2 riders each & 2 figures on foot;

Heroes of the Illiad; Amazons set #1; and now Amazons set #2)


We have taken the last of what is currently available from the distributor!

WWII Russian Naval Infantry, 12 figures. £13.00



Sale – last set, just £7.00 to clear:

5491 Russian Napoleonics.


Engineer Basevich

Set #35 Red Army Cavalry, 1938-1940

Set #34 Cossacks 1914-1918


back in stock:

Set #33 Don Cossacks



Expeditionary Force

3 sets perfect for use as Robin Hood figures, fit nicely with Barzso/LOD, Marx and Marskmen Robin Hood figures.

58/60mm Archers. £29.00

58/60mm Monk with Peasants. £29.00

58/60mm Armed Peasants £29.00

Japanese WWII Defence Section. £29.00

The set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 officer, 1 heavy machine gun plus crew (2 figures), a light machine gunner, with sub-machine gun option, and 5 riflemen.

Japanese WWII Machine Gun Section. out of stock

This set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 officer, 2 heavy machine guns plus crew (4 figures), a light machine gunner, with sub-machine gun option, and 3 riflemen.

WWII Japanese Infantry Rifle Section, £29.00


From Russia, maker is unknown

English Knights including 2 mounted Figures. Last set! £20.00

Romans set no. 1, £20.00. Last 3 sets!

Romans set no. 2. £10.00. Last  set!

Greeks, 2 mounted 5 standing. last set, £20.00



3 figures ideal as War of Independence, Alamo Defenders or Pirates.

one figure with foot on barrel holding musket.

one figure in frock coat, holding lantern and pointing.

one figure in short frock coat carrying barrel.

£6.00 £5.00 save £1.00

standing horse as used for Duke of Cumberland, Lewes figure, etc. Each £2.50

Nelson’s (Napoleonic) Navy

Set 2   4 figures £8.00. 

Our Annual clear out of loose Replicants and other items:

Sack loads for mule, £2.00 each.

Crates £2.00

Barrels £2.00

4 Napoleonic Heads. £2.00

Runner of 4 heads. £2.00

Lewes rider and Horse, £4.00

4 Scimitars, £1.00

Deetail sword to fit US Cavalry, Napoleonic and Foreign Legion, 3 for £1.00

Running Confederate, Wounded Confederate each £2.00

Battlefield casualties: Laying Confederate, £1.00 Confederate wounded duo £2.00

ACW Officer, Horseholder. Each £2.00

Texas Rangers (figure only), Kneeling Union Firing Line each £2.00

US Dragoons, Each £2.00

Zouave biting cartridge case, Zouave loading each £1.50 (More than 3 of each)

Raider behind barrel, raider loading rifle, each £2.00

set of 6 Zoauves. £6.00 (not all perfect) 3 sets available.

6 Union marching £9.00, 3 Union marching £4.50, 6 Confederate marching £9.00

6 Union Infantry, £9.00

set of 6 youths, £12.00, Royal Marines £2.00 each (more than 3 each available)

Navy Cannon figure with wood wedge (actually 3 not 2 ) wedge is broken off as shown – £1.00 the 3.

2 damaged Marines £1.00 the pair.

2 Navy with pike (damaged), £1.00 the pair.

Navy figures, £2.00 each.

1 Culloden British, 1 Scot, 2 different Excise men (more than 3 of each available) £2.00 each.

Wounded Sheriff’s man, rider with spear, rider with sword weapons supplied), with sword & shield,

Executioner, Raised Torch, with crossbow, loading crossbow, with Axe, all £2.00 each

Ask for quantities available.

Knights: drawing sword, raised sword, with mace, Saxon with axe, bowman.

Ask for quantities available.Each £2.00

Loose figures, I have plenty of the kneeling ACW firing figure – some with the bayonet moulded, some without.

Each £2.00  £1.50.

Zouaves firing, Wounded figures, Marching, kneeling at ready, kneeling firing Zouaves, all each £2.00 £1.50.

Zouave with rifle, Officer, Marching, dismounted Confederates, 4 Naval figures,

each £2.00 £1.50.

King James man with Lantern and pistol, each £2.00.

set of 6 Confederate Raiders. £12.00  £10.00

set of 5 Harper’s Ferry raiders set #2. £10.00.  £8.00



Gun Ho/Weston Toy Co.

3 x Gun Ho Geronimo and 6  of our own Apache firing rifle. £15.00

(our Apache differs from the Gun-Ho item as it has the addition of a gun-belt with pistol, and a bullet bandolier around his chest)


Weston Toy Co

Our own poli-resin fully painted and detailed Piano, suitable for many periods.

Details include embossed detail on the piano frame, defined black and white keys, and an antique finish.

NOT A TOY, these are NOT suitable for children but for collectors only.

Sale price, just £3.00 each




Weapons set 1

 2 x ACW Musket, Winchester and Crossbow to fit the Swoppet figures. £3.00

Weapons set 2
 2 x ACW muskets (fits swoppet ACW cavalry leg), swoppet Khaki infantry FN rifle and Deetail m/c riders rifle. £3.00

Weapons set 3 (Limited quantity)

Swoppet: Knights Sword, Dagger, Indian Knife, Cowboy Pistol, Khaki Infantry spade. out of stock


The Guy Fawkes set, £12.00 (see the Replicants page for photos)

The U.S. Marines set. £12.00

and also 

The Knights set, £8.00.

The Bartenders and Saloon Girls set. £8.00.


Return of The Seven!!

We’ve just unearthed some of our Gunfighter sets, so have put together this package deal

1 each of The Seven Gunfighters.

16 Mexican Village Peasants.

16 Mexican Bandits on foot.

8 Mexican Bandits mounted

Incidentally, (and quite by accident) our mounted figures fit on the TSSD Indian horse, so if you already have that set, you can mix and match our horses with theirs, across the 2 sets.

£35.00 the set, supplied bagged.

7 Gunfighters

8 mounted bandits

16 Mexican Village Peasants

16 Mexican Bandits


Create your own Longhorn Cattle with our packs of horns

20 horns, enough to create 10 Texas Longhorns.

Simply cut of any existing horns on your own cows and glue these in place

(removal of the udders is taken under advisement!), quick paint job and done!

£5.00 including free UK Postage.

Below: the 1st. 2 of my conversions – 10 minutes with a drill, file and some superglue and these are ready to for paint at a later date.


Due to an on-going problem with water seepage into our storage unit, we are offering these sets with water-damaged packing – no damage to the items, only to the packing. We are under the impression that we have an underground spring or something similar that is pushing water up into the unit.

(apologies for the poor photos, but the light quality was dreadful!)

16  NOW 24!!! mounted Mexican Bandits for just £15.00

(these also fit exactly onto TSSD Indian horses)

48 Mexican Village Peasants for just £10.00

48 Mexican Bandits for just £10.00

36 WWII British in Khaki, just £10.00

3 WWI German A7V Tanks, not kits, fully assembled, £20.00


    Masterbox 1/35th scale models  – easy assemble. £11.00



Timpo Western Fort catwalk  and corner tower struts, both the long and the short ones.

as many as possible!