We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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TEL: 01268 680117

Mobile/Cell: 07843 536700

E-mail: steve@plasticsoldiers.co.uk

Despite the Virus, we are still shipping out packages, although we are trying to restrict the amount of times we actually go out, so if it takes a little longer, please understand why.

Most of you will have seen that the Pound is actually worthless against both the Euro and the Dollar.

This means that we are having to pay more for our imported sets (which make up about 95% of  Toy Soldiers now produced!!) so inevitably prices are going to have to rise.

With the price rise, means that as the value of the goods is more, and therefore, the Import Taxes are more.

Nothing we can do about that I’m afraid, that is beyond our means, so our prices will HAVE to rise along with these extra costs.

First to be hit will be the pending Expeditionary Force (Ex-Fo) and Basevich shipments, then it will be anything else from Russia along with re-stocks of the LOD/Barszo ranges as we place our orders.

Coming soon:

A sneak preview of the forthcoming Engineer Basevich

‘Battle for Berlin’ figures.

These are the Test-shots.

Expeditionary Force

Just arrived: £28.00 set

Ancient Germanic Symmachiarii. 

Dismounted Napoleonic French Dragoons.


and at some point in the future:

Waterloo 1815 (Italy)

1/32 U.S. Cavalry!!!! Yippee! (Autumn 2020)


Just a reminder that we still have these great offers on our own products:

Due to an on-going problem with water seepage into our storage unit, we are offering these sets with water-damaged packing – no damage to the items, only to the packing. We are under the impression that we have an underground spring or something similar that is pushing water up into the unit.

(apologies for the poor photos, but the light quality was dreadful!)

16  NOW 24!!! mounted Mexican Bandits for just £15.00

(these also fit exactly onto TSSD Indian horses)

48 Mexican Village Peasants for just £10.00

48 Mexican Bandits for just £10.00

36 WWII British in Khaki, just £10.00

3 WWI German A7V Tanks, not kits, fully assembled, £20.00


Mixed bag of 23 Conte British 24th,  £36.00


Just in from Russia

Mounted Knight with crossbow. £3.50

5 different mounted Samurai, £17.50

and already available from the same manufacturer

7 Samurai on foot, £14.00



Back in stock:


9303 French Carabiniers, £10.00

9304 French Chasseurs, £10.00

9305 French Command, £12.50

9311 French Elite Command, £12.50


Following the sale of TSSD,  Weston Toy Co Mexicans, both on foot and mounted are being distributed by LOD in the US.

you can contact Ken at the following address:

3081 Kingswood Court
Green Bay, WI 54313
(920) 471-7349

***Further to the note below, we will be ‘sidelining’ Armies-in-Plastic, TSSD and Paragon product ince our current stocks are sold out – this does NOT mean that we won’t be re-stocking them at some time in the future, but for the first part of the year we have to decrease our stock holding.

Check the appropriate pages for availability or

E-mail me for our current stock list on these 3 manufacturers.



Back in stock:

Robert E Lee and John Brown, £4.00

English Civil War Pikemen set, 6 figures £12.00

English Civil War Scots, £8.00

Both sets of mounted Normans (short production run) each set £10.00


Expeditionary Force

Armed Civilians, £27.00

Ancient Greek Stone Thrower Artillery, £27.00



Death Productions.

(Depicting dead figures)

For pictures, go to the Death Productions page on this site.

The Company no longer exists so this is the last of our stock:

2 different resin figures per pack, just £3.00

The Unknown Warrior. Last 4 available.

Napoleonic French Line / Alamo Mexican Infantry. Last 5 available.

WWI British at Galipoli. Last 3 available.

WWI Anzacs, last 3 available.

WWI Early French. Last 1 available.

WWI Late Germans, last 3 available.


FREE UK POST on these 5 items:

1) Basevich 70 years of the Soviet Army. £27.00


set #15 Zapotecs. £20.00

set #16. Incas. £20.00

set #19 Aztecs. £20.00

set #20.  Mayans. £20.00



Musicians set, 4 figures and our own fully painted resin piano – crates not included. £13.00

Piano on it’s own, £5.00

Fully painted poly-resin item, not a toy.

The Trail Drive Set



Just came in from the bowels of my storage unit where I found 10 sets of the longhorns lurking in the gloom

– must have been hidden by all that trail dust!

Last 3 sets!!

You get: 4 of the best sculpted figures depicting cowboys trailing the herd to market, 6 Texas Longhorn Cattle,  all made in glorious poli-resin which means they are collectors items, not toys to be played with.

Poli-resin can be painted with anything – enamel, acrylic, oils or whatever else is available.

We still have sets of just the 4 cowboys with horses at just £15.00 and will include  some ‘longhorns’ for you to fit to your own cattle , which will allow you to create your own herd, on request.




Britains Swoppet spare weapons: 1 Knights Sword, 1 Knights dagger, 1 Cowboy Pistol, 1 Indian Knife, 1 WWII Spade.

£2.50 the set.


Britains/Herald spares.

Flag poles for Herald U.S. Cavalry/Deetail Napoleonics. Each .50p 3 for £1.00.


I have 2 mint condition boxes of the following 2 sets which I have received in error.

If anyone has either MB3544 Hand-to-Hand Combat or any of the Dragon WWII Japanese figure sets, I would be happy to work up an exchange?

These two for sale (£11.00 Each) or exchange: 



2 more new sets just in stock.



Landsknechts, set #21.  £20.00

Swiss Warriors  set #22.  £20.00


Bi-Plant (Russia)

We were selling these last year as bagged sets, but have a few carded sets of these gorgeous figures.

Made in same type of material as used on Conte Vikings, Zulus etc.

Superb details, £29.00 for complete set of 3 cards.

(comes flat-packed, with figures bagged for ease of posting)



We’ve emptied our US storage place and found these few items that were out of stock here, when these are gone, that’s it:

Last few items unless I unearth anything more!

65) Britains Swoppet Knights Trade box – what a find! £400.00

o.k. so it’s really worn but just how many have you ever seen?

Virtually all the figures are complete, just 2 or 3 with minor parts missing.

67)  Box of 3 Britains Swoppet knights, £150.00





Timpo Western Fort catwalk  and corner tower struts, both the long and the short ones.

as many as possible!