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February 2018

In stock now

Engineer Basevich

set no 22, Caucasian Warriors,


EB Caucasians 002EB Caucasians 001

More items added to our Clearance page!

Marx re-issues

50mm scaled down from the 6″ figures

all 6 of the cowboys in the set (7 figures)

5 out of 6 of the Indians (19 figures)

£20.00 the lot.

clear feb 2018 001


It seems that Italeri 1/32 sets are all but depleted now, the Wholesalers have been only listing about 5 sets for quite a while – and 3 are those that no-one wants!

My advice is to buy whatever you, wherever you see it, in case these are now gone forever.

We have the French General Staff in stock

(re-issues by Waterloo 1815 using the original Italeri moulds, original plastic and in the original colour, these are far less expensive than the Italeri originals, if you can find them).

advance notice

Date for the 2018 33rd. Plastic Warrior Show.

May 12th. 10.30a.m.

Plan your attendance accordingly!



Engineer Basevich

Russo-Japanese War

Russians, set #20. £27.00

eng bas 20 21 005

Japanese, set #21. £27.00

eng bas 20 21 004



4 mounted Union Officers. £20.00

eng bas 20 21 002


4 mounted Confederate Officers. £20.00

eng bas 20 21 001


Expeditionary Force

Napoleonic Wars Scottish Highlanders, £27.00


War of 1812

American Militia, £27.00

1812 militia

British Marines, £27.00

1812 royal marines



Original resin type soft plastic material:

Loose figure assortments

Rogers Rangers and American Civil War, 11 figures. £22.00

barszo new 014


Trail Drive”

Our own Trail Drive set –

***4 resin riders and 4 resin horses, just £15.00***


(compatible with our own mtd Mexicans and TSSD figures)


4 riders, 4 horses and 6 resin Longhorns at only £20.00


4 riders and 4 horses, no cattle £15.00




Vikings. £120.00 the lot, foot and mounted! dirt cheap!!

clearance 10 11 003clearance 10 11 002


4 Greek Casualties . £6.00

(these are the ones included in the Heroes of the Iliad set, but if you want

additional ones or you just want casualties, here they are)

lod cas


A & L Miniatures

un-released plastic prototypes.

WWII Germans and US.

computer generated figures only ever partially issued in metal form.

some minor damage to weapons on 1 or 2 figures (blue tack on kneeling figure holds end of the rifle barrel.) £50.00, your chance to own something truly unique!

r s


custom painted Vikings. £30.00

superb attention to detail



1/35 but more compatible with Airfix, each set £20.00

4 sets available

esci wwII russ



Mexican Bandits

1 each of 2 figures for £5.00, either in blue or white



Cannon barrels,

.50p each.

some we only have very few of, so order quickly.

cannon barrels

42 items added to the Clearance page, May 21st 2017.


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coming soon to all toy shops along the US Border.

Made in Mexico. Easy snap-together pieces so no messy glueing.

trump wall———————————————————————

Russian-made English knights, Viking. 7 different figures, £16.00

RM knights 2

Romans, £20.00 a set. approx 56mm

RM Romans