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December 2023

Currently the only event in the UK that caters SOLELY for Toy Soldiers!

approx. 55 tables dripping with plastic figures and accessories.

Very Special offers on these HaT sets:

2 complete boxed sets 9330 7 Years War Austrian Grenadiers, just £8.00

2 sets of 9101 Zoauves for just 8.00 GB. (bagged)

ALL other sets on this Sale list just 5.00 GB per set. (Boxed)

Please quote set number when ordering.

Save even more by ordering up to 6 sets for the one UK shipping price of just £5.45.

 9002 Brunswick Avante Garde

9019 Spanish Infantry

9040 Ancient Italian Allies

9054 Italian Cavalry

9120 Carthaginian Light Infantry

9305 French Command

9313 Bavarian Infantry marching

9314 Bavarian command

9328 Austrian Infantry Command

9329 7 Years War Austrians

9331 7 Years War Austrian Command


Swoppet Knights heads – 1 with open visor, 1 with closed visor. £2.00

Weapons set 5.

1 x Swoppet Knights Battleaxe, 1 x Civil War/ Revolutionary War Musket. £2.00. 

Weapons set 1

 2 x ACW Musket, Winchester and Crossbow to fit the Swoppet figures. £2.50

Weapons set 2
 2 x ACW carbines (fits swoppet ACW cavalry leg), swoppet Khaki infantry FN rifle and Deetail m/c riders rifle. £2.50

Weapons set 3 (Limited quantity)

Swoppet: Knights Sword, Dagger, Indian Knife, Cowboy Pistol, Khaki Infantry spade. £3.00


52mm U.S. Cavalry, Lot 1 £20.00

52mm U.S. Cavalry lot 2 £20.00

Airfix 1/32 U.S Cavalry lot 1, £20.00

US Cavalry lot 2, £20.00

Britains Hong Kong, Airfix, 2 conversions. £10.00

2 x Marx Arabs, 1 Reamsa (?) Arab, 1 Charbens camel. £15.00 the lot.


2 cowboys firing from behind horse, £10.00 the pair

Kentoys (?)

2 extremely rare 54mm Dan Dare characters from the Eagle Comic stories.

Sensible offers invited!!!

(if I don’t reply, then you’ll know your offer wasn’t deemed sensible!)


large blue Wild West Stage Coach Guard. £2.00


Full set of the 6 rare 6inch (150mm) U.S. Cavalry.

The only damage that I can see is the rifle tip of the guy in the middle of the second row.

£90.00 the set.

Full set of these 4.5 inch Character figures of:

George Washington, U. S. Grant, R. E. Lee,

Paul Revere, Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis.

£30.00 the set.


This has been out of production for many years and along with the Fort Kandahar were THE best 2 forts ever made and is now highly desirable.

Complete with the inner buildings, opening gateway and flag pole but only 20 FF Legion and 20 (not 40) Arabs.

a bargain at £90.00

(see if you can find one on the ‘net, factor in shipping and Customs charges and you’l see what I mean)


mounted indian chief and 3 figures for the canoe, condition as shown. £8.00

Paramount or Sacul 52mm Wild West lot. £8.00

Wild West assortment,

Includes the Cherilea fighting cowboy pair. £30.00 the lot.

Weapons/spares Runner. £2.00

Contains 5 Muskets, 1 pistol, 1 bugle, 5 swords, 5 scabbards, 1 carbine, 3 bags.

Britains/Herald Swoppet horses, (Brand New!) £2.00 each.

Galloping or Trotting.


Re-stocks of the following have just arrived

4 Saloon Drinkers, £8.00

(A typical Saturday night after the Plastic Warrior show!)

English Civil War

Mounted Roundhead firing pistol, £5.00

Roundhead Pikemen, 6 figures £12.00

(1) King Charles 1st execution set  £12.00

(2) King Charles 1st, Priest, Executioner £6.00 for the 3 figures only.

British at Culloden, £8.00 for 4 figures.

Kit-Soldiers (Ukraine)

We have received a small batch of these great figures – you will appreciate just how hard it is to get stuff out of the Ukraine right now, but we will be ordering a second batch.

Colours WILL vary, we take what we can get!

A new company producing quality figures

2 different 54mm Indian Wars figures Out of stock

2 different 52-54mm Pirates, Out of stock

8 different 54mm Ukranian Cossacks 17th Century. £20.00

8 different 50/52mm Ukranian Knights 14th-15th Century £20.00

8 different 50/52mm Scythian Warriors £20.00

8 different 54mm warriors of Kievan Russia £20.00


Marksmen Ex-Marx

Robin Hood

Names under the bases on Robin Hood and the Sheriff.

Minor damge to weapons on all 3. £5.00 the lot.


English Civil War Scots, back in stock. £8.00 for 4 figures.

Battle of Culloden Scots, back in stock. £8.00 for 4 figures.


Fresh from their new moulding factory-

A Call To Arms

I have just received these sets. The price is an interim one as I have worked these in with whatever little original stock I had remaining. This may have to rise, but at this time, I am passing this saving on to you.

(it’s just been confirmed to me that the ACTUAL price of these sets – apart from the cannons – will be appox £9.95, even more reason to buy now before that price comes into force!)

ALL figure sets, £8.50 each, English Civil War Cannon £6.50.

Set numbers-

3. Royalist Musketeers.

8. AWI British Grenadiers.

13. ECW Cannon.
15. British at Islandwhana.
18. Union Iron Brigade.
19. French Curassiers.
20. French Dragoons.
27. Inniskilling Dragoons.
28. French Light Infantry. Out of stock!
29. Romans.
30. Belgium Infantry.
31. Dutch Infantry.
32. AWI British Light Infantry.
33. Cromwell’s Ironsides.
34. Haslerigges Lobsters.
36. Normans.


The Cherilea Saloon figure set or figures from it

also this

Mule – I need just 3 in total

Anyone have any of these Mules to get rid off?

I think they were also available in other colours – maybe black and/or brown?



New Medieaval Peasants – as released at the PW Show in May.

Set #1M, 4 figures £8.00.


3-D Computer printed figures

All but the Vietnam range are no longer available to us, so we are clearing these at a massive 20% discount! For photos, see our 3-D Printed figure page.

Just a few of each available, once sold, ther will not be more.

Mounted Harquebusiers, £56.00 now £44.80.

Calix Knight Command £45.00 now £36.00.

Crossbow Unit £45.00 now £36.00.

Imperial Rocket Gun with crew, £45.00 now £36.00.

Imperial Mortar with crew, £45.00 now £36.00.

Imperial Volley Gun with crew, £45.00 now £36.00.

Sunland Knights £40.00 now £32.00.

Winged Hussars on foot £40.00 now £32.00.

Spearmen £40.00 now £32.00.


June 23.

A Call To Arms

In talks with Doug, the owner of A Call To Arms, he has had to move his tooling from the now defunct factory that used to do his molding for the last 30 years. He has found a new location that will both store and produce figures from his molds, that’s the good news. The bad news is that he can no longer get production done at 1990’s prices, so we can expect massive price increases as not only has the cost of plastic doubled over recent years, the cost of printing the boxes has also risen along with labour and storage costs – and we ALL know just how much the cost of utilities such as Electric have risen over the past year – and injection-moulding consumes a lot of electricity!

I’m guessing that we can expect the cost to be around £10.00 a box (except for the cannon which will remain as low-cost as he can make them) –  a huge shock to him, let alone the collectors. But even around this price, they will STILL be the lowest price set of plastic figures on the market!

It’s also worth pointing out that he has only had ONE price increase in all the time he has been doing this, so we cannot complain. No other Company has NOT had any increases, most rise yearly in line with everything else.

I still have some stock at the old price, but these won’t last long.

As new stocks become available, I’ll be posting them here on the site.


“South Of The Border”

Special Offer no. 5

2 sets (32 figures) Mexican Peasants – the poor people of the Village.

1 set ( mounted figures on 8 horses) of the Mexican Bandits – Evil & Nasty to the bone!

Just £10.00




This is the second set that we have upscaled to fit closer to the TSSD Vietnam series.

These are 3D resin-printed by computer, they are NOT toys as they can be fragile.

Quite literally printed one figure at a time, in very small batches, so get them quick!

They take all paints – Enamel, Acrylic, etc.

8 superb sculptings, £40.00

Waterloo 1815

WWI Italian Infantry, £20.00 16 figures.

Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, £20.00 13 Figures.

WWII Italian Infantry, £11.00

WWII Italian Folgore Division, £11.00


Weston Toy Co.

7 Magnificent Gunfighters. (unpainted) £20.00


Weston Toy Co

From our water damaged boxes:

2 sets (16 figures) of mounted Mexican Bandits

2 sets of Mexican Village Peasants (32 figures)

Just £20.00!


Return of The Seven!!

We’ve just unearthed some of our Gunfighter sets, so have put together this package deal

1 each of The Seven Gunfighters.

16 Mexican Village Peasants.

16 Mexican Bandits on foot.

8 Mexican Bandits mounted.

Incidentally, (and quite by accident) our mounted figures fit on the TSSD Indian horse, so if you already have that set, you can mix and match our horses with theirs, across the 2 sets.

£35.00 the set, supplied bagged.


and not forgetting these great offers –

(apologies for the poor photos, but the light quality was dreadful!)

16  NOW 24!!! mounted Mexican Bandits for just £15.00

(these also fit exactly onto TSSD Indian horses)

48 Mexican Village Peasants for just £10.00

48 Mexican Bandits for just £10.00

36 WWII British in Khaki, just £10.00

Create your own Longhorn Cattle with our packs of horns

20 horns, enough to create 10 Texas Longhorns.

3 WWI German A7V Tanks, not kits, fully assembled, £20.00


Our own poli-resin fully painted and detailed Piano, suitable for many periods.

Details include embossed detail on the piano frame, defined black and white keys, and an antique finish.

NOT A TOY, these are NOT suitable for children but for collectors only.

Sale price, just £3.00 each