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but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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E-mail: steve@plasticsoldiers.co.uk

Following the sale of TSSD,  Weston Toy Co Mexicans, both on foot and mounted are being distributed by LOD in the US.

you can contact Ken at the following address:

3081 Kingswood Court
Green Bay, WI 54313
(920) 471-7349

Engineer Basevich

New set now in!

Russo-Turkish Wars, Russians. £27.00


Expeditionary Force

Mounted Roman Cavalry, each £27.00



Praetorians (5 figures)


Plastic Platoon

German Paratroops Set #2, £35.00 for the 6 figures, limited quantity available.

British 8th. Army, £35.00 for 6 figures, again limited quantity.

April 11th 2019 – lots of deleted Replicants sets added to the Clearance page!

April 10th, 15 items listed on clearance page – much more to follow.

Engineer Basevich

set #26

New set now in!

Russo-Turkish Wars 1787-1791, Turks. £27.00



Timpo Western Fort catwalk  and corner tower struts, both the long and the short ones.

as many as possible!

Back in stock after a long time of being unavailable:

A Call To Arms

Napoleonic/ACW Cannon.

still just £5.50



Frontiersmen out of stock!!

Kentucky Rifles. out of stock!!

Re-stocks are in of the following 

Replicants sets:

Tavern Keeper and serving girl, £4.00.

Culloden Scots, £8.00.

2 different Mounted Knights, £9.00.

Mounted Sheriff of Nottingham & Guy of Gisbourne, £9.00.

2 different Mounted Customs Men in red, £10.00.

Set #1, Mounted Commanches, the pair £9.00.

Set #2, Mounted Commanches, the pair £9.00.

4 different Commanches, £8.00.


Very limited re-stocks of these sets:

9400 7 years war Prussian command £11.50

9401 7 years war Prussians Marching. £9.00

9402 7 years war Prussians action poses. £9.00


Inca Warriors, in stock now! £20.00

Plastic Platoon

All will be in limited quantities! 

German Paratroops, set 1**. £35.00. 6 figure set. out of stock!

(**please note: this set was wrongly labelled by PP as being set 2, it’s actually set 1)

US 25th. £35.00. 6 figure set. Going fast – sold out!

US Marines, Battle of Hue. £35.00. 6 figure set. Only 1 set now available!

Re-stocks of the Viet Cong, £35.00. 6 figure set. 

sold out!

North vietnamese Army (NVA), 6 figures £35.00

Going fast – sold out!

Expeditionary Force

British Hussars, £27.00

French Hussars £27.00 out of stock


Mayan Warriors, £20.00 a set of 8.

Very Exotic! Someone is going to have a field day painting these for sure!

Lots of rare and long out-of-production figures from my own collection have just been added to the Clearance page, with lots more to come over the next few weeks!  Keep checking this page.

Second selection just added to the clearance page.

Back in stock


Saloon figure  sets

Musicians, 4 different plus resin piano, crates not included. £13.00

Bar Staff – 2 bartenders, 2 working girls, crate and bar not included. £8.00

The Gamblers

4 different figure and table cover, chairs and crate not included. £10.00

The Drinkers

5 different figures, not new figure to replace sitting drunk. Bar not included. £10.00


Paragon Scenics

re-stocks have arrived today, 14/01/2019

Action Castings

Not available anywhere else

Last few sets! When they are gone, that’s it!

Confederate casualties, £18.00  £15.00

4 figures compatible with TSSD, Conte, Paragon, Cunnyngham and Death Productions

I have a few model kits to clear:


WWI Fokker DR. I

This 1/28th model kit comes with pilot (Von Richthofen – the Red Baron) and 2 ground crew.

£20.00 (2 available)



1/32 WWI Sopwith Camel F.1

£20.00 – 1 only

1/32 WWI Nieuport 17

£20.00 – 1 only

Buy all 4 planes and get them sent post Free in the UK!


1/35th – but more like 1/32!  £9.00 each, 2 available

WW2 USN Landing Craft crew. 6 figures. nicely fit the Italeri Landing Crafts.


Probably the best manufacturer of Cold War 1/32 Military items!

My own personal collection – and these ARE 1/32, not the puny 1/35th scale!

11 unbuilt model kits, a lot are still sealed including a built-up Truck. This is a REAL bargain.

£275.00 including UK Postage to the person that buys the lot. I don’t want to split these, the artwork is fantastic which is a collection in itself, without the models. Price is dead cheap – check these out on the net and see how much you will save by buying this lot in one go.


1/32 Crusader III

(see 1st. Renwal picture above, top right)

Built and ready to go, £25.00


We are getting down to our final few complete Trail Drive sets – just like the Gatling Gun Set which we are still getting asked for, once it’s gone, it remains gone forever!!!

It consists of

4 different mounted cowboys

6 Longhorn steers with separate horns which require fixing in place.

Made from poli-resin so NOT a toy as some thought!

Can be painted with ANY paint – acyrlic, enamel or oil based.

Just add your own Chuck Wagon and Blanket Roll Wagon to complete a superb diorama.

Still only £20.00

 Expeditionary Force,

Ancient Briton Chariot. £29.00


Galatian chariot. £29.00


Celt Command. £27.00


French Dragoons, 1 only boxed, £25.00

Chariot, 2 only £13.00 each boxed



Last few items to clear:


Rommels Half-Track, £15.00

1/32 Strongpoint, last one. £20.00

Waterloo 1815

Napoleonic Prussian Infantry, 2 sets boxed, each £11.00


1/32 Gladiators, set 2.

12 figures. Last set £11.00

SELL Toy Company

1/32 Jagd Panzers

Compatible with Airfix, 21st. Century and FOV

Buy 3 for £48.00 and get free postage anywhere in UK/Northern Ireland

news about next years PW show.


A whole lot of stuff has been added to the clearance page, so get in quick!

Expeditionary Force

Runner of weapons, £2.00

Sale on these items only

Zulu Wars

British Infantry in Spiked Helmets, £25.00, save £2.00

British Infantry in movie (badged) helmet, £25.00, save £2.00

Frontier Light Horse, mounted, £25.00, save £2.00

Imperial Light Infantry, £25.00, save £2.00

Naval Brigade in Caps, £25.00, save £2.00


 from Russia:

More Romans to go with the set we already have


(existing Roman set below, £20.00)