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Pirates-Robin Hood-Ancients

This is the page where you will find all of the Oddities that do not fit it under other headings.


Robin Hood

Expeditionary Force

Company is based in Singapore, production is in China.

These figures contain separate arms, heads and weapons giving great flexibility throughout the range to swap the parts between figures from other sets to create different stances.

3 sets ideal to go with the Barzso/LOD, Marks and Marskmen Robin Hood sets

Bowmen, £30.00

Monk with Merrie Men, £29.00

Armed Peasants, £29.00

Ex-Barzso by LOD

Robin hood & Merrie Men. out of stock

16 figures, 2 each of 8 different.


Sheriff’s Men. £24.00

16 figures per set, 2 each of 8 different.



3 figures ideal as War of Independence, Alamo Defenders or Pirates.

one figure with foot on barrel holding musket.

one figure in frock coat, holding lantern and pointing.

one figure in short frock coat carrying barrel.

£6.00 £5.00 save £1.00


LOD Enterprises

Ancient Amazons.

2 each of 4 standing figures plus 2 mounted figures, £27.00


 Expeditionary Force

We stock 21 different Greek sets and 13 different persian sets – check the Expeditionary Force page to see the full range!

all £29.00 a set except for Chariots.

Persian Immortals

persian 8

Persian 4-horse Scythed Chariot. £31.00



LOD Enterprises

‘Heroes of the Illad’

16 figures, £26.00

The War at Troy

16 figures, 8 in cream, 8 in blue

LOD Toys

Ancient Greeks. £27.00

lod toy 2

LOD Chariots, 2 per pack + 6 figures. £29.00

incredibly low price for not 1, but 2 chariots, 4 horses and 6 figures!

lod chariots

Expeditionary Force

Greek set 7

Thracian Tribal Infantry

These are both first photos, finished product may vary slightly.

  each set ALL £29.00 


See the Expeditionary Forces page for details.

Expeditionary Forces

The Greeks, ALL £29.00 set

19 sets are now available


greeks 1


greeks 2

set 3  Hoplites

greeks 3

Set 4 Spartans

greeks 4

Set 5  Greek cavalry A

greeks 5

Set 6 Greek cavalry B

greeks 6


We stock all of their 54mm range – please see the pages with appropriate heading:

HaT, Romans, Ancients, Napoleonic, American Civil War.

Robin Hood


Sole Worldwide Distributor for these hand-made figures


Robin Hood characters:

Robin, Marion, Friar Tuck, Little John.  £8.00


4 bowmen in green, £8.00

(originally in Sherrif’s men, set 1)


Robin Hood, set #3

Mounted Sheriff of Nottingham & Guy of Gisbourne. £9.00


Robin Hood, set #4

Richard the Lionheart, Much Miller, Will Scarlet. £6.00


4 different archers, £8.00


Mounted Normans, sets 1 and 2.     2 figures on 2 horses per set, £9.00 each pair