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 World War One

 Weston Toy Co.

*Having worked in my storage unit , I have found that  there are a several cases of our WWI German Tank that have water damage, therefore I am now offering these in their protective plastic ‘shell’ but without boxes at

3 for just £20.00. (Regular price £10.00 each)

The Tanks have no damage, but the cardboard boxes have suffered.

 German A7V Tank

Moving front Cannon, 7 moving Machine Guns. All-plastic construction.

Ready-assembled item, measures 9″ long (not including cannon or guns), 4″ to top of look-out and 4″ wide!

What a monster!

ptd a7v(This example painted by Dennis Donovan)

Go to this link to see a life-size replica in action at “tankfest”.


Just £10.00.

(Want a WW1 British Mark IV tank?
Convert out Tadpole by following the simple instructions given by Max Hundleby in the Toy Soldier Collector mag.
For a free copy of these instructions, send us an SAE.
British “Tadpole” Tank

Moving side cannons in moving turrets, and 3 moving machine guns plus a rear-mounted mortar.

Made to fit with both 1/35th (50mm) and 1/32 (54mm) figures.

Ready-assembled all-plastic construction.

Available now! A mere £10.00.


Death Productions

World War One

2 different German casualties, early war. £3.00 the pair

2 different German casualties, late war. £3.00 the pair.

2 different Scots highland casualties, £3.00 the pair.

2 different Anzacs Middle East. £3.00 the pair.

2 different The Unknown Warrior. £3.00 the pair.



all sets are one price.

£10.00 each or any 3 for £25.00


1/32 scale.


All sets cost £10.00 each,

WWI Japanese.

Mounted British WWI, Mounted German WWI.

Mounted British cavalry, Mounted German cavalry, Mounted Cossacks.

U.S. Infantry, Germans in Pickelhaubes, Germans in Stalhelms, British Infantry, French Infantry,

Canadian Infantry, Scots Infantry, Russian Infantry, Indian Army, Indian Cavalry.

all foot sets are 20 figures in 10 poses, mounted sets are 5 figures on horse.