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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers,

but also have 50mm and 60mm items.


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Death Productions

Highly detailed resin-cast figures depicting dead soldiers.

Each pack of 2 different figures, just £3.50

Very limited quantites!

American Civil War

Zouaves – red (only)

Union & Confederate both sold out


American Civil War Zouaves set #27, £20.00

Mtd Union Generals, 4 different, £20.00

eng bas 20 21 002



4 different mounted Confederate Generals, £20.00

eng bas 20 21 001



American Civil War Generals

Set #10

Union General Staff

chintoys union

set #11 Confederate General staff. 

chintoys confed



Ex-Marksmen figures in regular Replicants plastic

all figures taken from the Marksmen range shown on our Replicants page.

6 Marching Zouaves, £9.00 now £6.00

6 Running Zouaves, £9.00 now £6.00



 Sole Worldwide Distributor for these figures

See the Replicants page for photos of all these great items.

all sets supplied unpainted only


Confederate Raiders 6 figures in 6 poses £12.00.

Harper’s Ferry figure sets:

Union Marines, out of stock

Lee/Brown Figure set £4.00

Set #2, Raiders contains 2 new figure and 3 existing figures. £10.00

Mounted Union Sergeant holding Binoculars    £4.50

 American Civil War  Correspondent.  £2.00

Confederate Raiders 6 figures in 6 poses £10.00.

 Confederate Horse Holder   1 figure £2.00

Confederate Horse Holder with 2 horses. £7.00

Expeditionary Forces

Fine crisp mouldings, sized to fit with Marx, Britains Swoppets,

A Call to Arms, Accurate, Imex and Airfix.

American Civil War Zouaves, £21.00

Company is based in Singapore, production is in China.

These figures contain some separate arms, heads and weapons giving great flexibility throughout the range to swap the parts between figures from other sets to create different stances.

See Expeditionary Force page for prices.

In Blue or Grey, each box contains

1 Officer with sword, 1 bugler (easy to convert to a standard bearer), 7 infantrymen with sufficient arms to for four different actions poses: firing, attacking, advancing, at ready. (9 models + 12 sets of actions arms)


Each box will also contain 18 optional heads: for the Zouaves – 6 French kepi, 6 turban, 6 fez;

for the Militia – 6 French Kepi, 6 havelocked kepi, and 6 round peaked cap.


can be used as Union or Confederate:

Infantry, £18.00

Dismounted cavalry, £18.00

Cavalry, £25.00

Artillery, £25.00



Zouaves, set 1. 16 figures in 4 poses. £9.00 (unpainted)

Zouaves, set 2. 18 figures in 6 poses. £9.00 (unpainted)


A Call To Arms

All 16 figures in 4 poses. £5.50.

Confederate Infantry

Coloured ( Negro) Infantry

The Iron Brigade