A Call to Arms

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A Call to Arms

Yes! they are still producing figures, the last British Company to mass-produce 1/32 (and 1/72) plastic figures!

so far, there are 36 sets to collect, more to come.

At least 2 sets remain out of stock, one I know is down to the mould tool having suffered damage.

All sets, £5.50


For those new to this company:

most infantry sets contain 16 figures , 4 of each pose except set #1 and #2.


Set no 29 Romans. 

English Civil War

set n0 1, Royalist v Parlimentarians. 

set no 2, Pikemen

Both contain 16 assorted figures.

 Artillery sets contain 1 cannon. 

Cannon crew sets contain 4 sets of 4 crew, 16 figures in total. 

All mounted sets contain 4 mounted figures on 4 horses.


These are a good match to the Airfix  and Accurate/Revell Knights

(The Airfix figure is on the left, the Accurate/Revell one on the right)

16 figures in 4 styles, with separate shields.  £5.50





16 figures in 4 poses.

English Civil War

Set no1 Royalists V Parlimentarians £5.50

acta roy

Set no 2 Pikemen £5.50

acta pike

Set no 3 Royalist Musketeers £5.50

acta roy mus

Set no 5 Parliamentarian Musketeers £5.50

acta par mus

Set no 13 English Civil War Cannon. 1 cannon. out of stock

acta cann

Set no 14 Royalist Artillery Crew. 4 complete crews. £5.50

acta art

Set no 33 Cromwells Ironsides. 4 mounted figures. £5.50

acta ironsides

Set no 34 Haslerigges Lobsters. 4 mounted figures. 


Zulu Wars

Set no 4 Zulus at Islandwhana. Out of stock

Set no 6 Zulus at Rorkes Drift.  Out of stock

Set no 7 British at Rorkes Drift 

Set no 15 British at Islandwhana. 

Set no 24 Zulus at Ulundi


Napoleonic Wars

 British Napoleonic 95th Rifles

acta 36

Set no9 British Line Infantry. Not available

Set no 12 British Foot Infantry

Set no 17 French Line Infantry

Set no 19 French Curassiers, 4 mounted figures.

Set no 20 French Dragoons, 4 mounted figures. 

Set no 21 French Carabiniers, 4 mounted figures. Not available

Set no 22 British Artillery crew, 4 complete crews

Set no 23 British Cannon, 1 single cannon

Set no 25 Scots greys, 4 mounted figures.

Set no 26 British Life Guards, 4 mounted figures

Set no 27 Iniskilling Dragoons, 4 mounted figures

Set no 28 French Light Infantry

Set no 30 Belgium Infantry

Set no 31 Dutch Infantry


American Civil War

Set no11 Union Infantry

Set no 16 Confederate Infantry

Set no 18 Union Iron Brigade


American War of Independence

Set no 8 British Grenadiers. Out of stock

Set no 10 Maryland Infantry. 

Set no 32 British Light Infantry. Not available