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World War II

Storage repair fund!

Between the rain and before the Winter arrives –

In order to re-roof, re- glaze, raise the floor level and seal the floor on our storage unit to prevent further flood/snow/storm damage it needs to be emptied first – hence we are offering all of the following at ‘buy-one-get-one-free’-

Weston Toy Co.

WWII British, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mounted Mexican Bandits, buy one get a second set free. £15.00

Mexican Bandits on foot, buy one get a second set free. £10.00

Mexican Peasants, buy one get a second set free. £10.00


More rare than a non-racist Donald Trump!

 21st. Century

WWII British, 6 1/32 scale factory painted figures. £25.00

These came out right at the time of the demise of 21st. Century

and immediately disappeared!

Compatible with Airfix and Deetail.

21st brit 121st brit 2

Expeditionary Force

all sets are £23.00 each.

WWII German Infantry

-your choice of either steel helmet or peaked cap

each in 5 different sets.

 1) Assault Section

2)  Defense Section

3) Machine Gun Section

4)  Mortar Section

5)  Company HQ Section

WWII U.S. Infantry

 2) Defense Section

3) Machine Gun Section

4) Mortar Section

 5) Company HQ Section

WWII French in Adrien helmets

4)  Mortar Section



German medics, £15.00

Sell Toy Co.

£16.00 each.

Jagd Panzer Tank

opening hatch and elevating gun barrelJag Panzer tank


Austin Miniatures

U.S. Marines, £20.00. 12 figures.


 in stock now.

All-new WWII German Infantry, 8 figures £15.00



Special Offer:

 Airfix 1/32 Rommel’s Half-track model kit. £20.00 half price – £10.00

Airfix 1/32 Monty’s Humber model kit half price – £10.00


1/32 Checkpoint £20.00 


 Airfix 1/32 Strongpoint, £20.00  

Airfix 1/32 Desert Outpost,  £20.00 


German Paratroops,


German Paratroops, limited stock, not available


WWII Russian Navy.

12 different figures, some assembly required. not available.

 Barb Wire, 29 feet !! £10.00


Re-issue of the Ex-Matchbox British Infantry, by Revell. £7.00

15 figures in Tan.


These are a good match to our own British Infantry


 Re-issue of the Ex-Matchbox German Infantry, by Revell. £7.00

(followed by the U.S. Infantry in following months)

15 figures in Dark Field Green.




£18.00 a set

German Elite forces,


(note: this set no longer contains the 2 mounted figures)



Russians,  £18.00 a set of 16.

Marine Fire Support  £18.00.   U.S. Marines  £18.00,  U.S. G.I.’s  £18.00.

Germans in long coats. £18.00.  Japanese. £18.00.  Russians £18.00.




German Elite Troops, £13.50

German Pak 40 with 6 crew.  £14.00

Russian ZIS A3 cannon with 6 crew.  £19.00.

WWII Russians. not available

Battlefield accessories 

2 look-out towers, 2 wooden barricades, 10 barrels, 8 rifles.




Replacement spare parts for:

Britains  Swoppet Khaki Infanty Shovels. 10 for £5.00